Monday, August 18, 2008

Visiting and baking

Yes, it looks a little girly, but a friend of mine had an extra play kitchen, and Keenan Loves it!!

No way this boy's gonna make it out of my house not knowing how to cook!

We visited with Frank and Myrtle this morning and I took pictures of some more of their beautiful flowers! I didn't think to ask what these are...

We just found out today that Myrtle can play the guitar! Frank has played for us before, but never Myrtle - they're quite the talented couple!

Myrtle trying to get Keenan to try some raw okra

She gave me a piece of "Apple Dapple" cake while I was there, and I liked it so much I got the recipe and made one when I got home! It's a super easy, coffee type cake that is sooo good hot out of the oven!

(recipe on the food blog)

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Anonymous said... 'bout that along with the breakfast casserole one morning?

Love, Mom