Saturday, August 16, 2008

Super Fun Saturday

Keenan and I have had a wonderful day together!
It started bright and early, with our walk at 6:20 (it rained the whole time!) We cut it a bit short since it started thundering and lightening. Then we drove Philip in to work just after 7. On the way home, the dark from the storm and the swish, swish of the wipers lulled Keenan to sleep, so we came home and went back to bed for a little bit (Thank you Keenan! He hardly Ever does that anymore!)

Later in the morning we headed out to Joann to get some scrapbooking stuff - woohoo! I also decided it was high time I did something "green", so I bought several of the green fabric shopping bags. They're huge and were only $1.00! One of the employees and I were discussing the great price and the size of them and how much bigger they were than the ones that they sell at the commissary. At this point, the woman in line in front of me (who hadn't heard all of what we said), said, "I got mine at the commissary for .70" at which point the other woman said, "But these ones are twice the size!" The second woman said, "No they're not, mine are the exact same size, I have them in my car right now!" This turned into quite the discussion/argument and I bailed out at that point and just paid for my stuff. (However, when I was at the commissary later, the bags there were, in fact, much smaller, just as we had said! =)

My bags - they hold a whole cart full of groceries!

While checking out the dollar deals at Joann, I found this cute little backpack for Keenan! I figure it's high time he started carrying his own stuff.. =)

Doesn't he look like he's ready for school?

He can carry his Bunny, his cup and a few toys and snacks

After leaving Joann, we stopped for a mini date at Sonic on the way to the grocery store. Yay Sonic!

I think Keenan was mid blink in this picture

He got his first Very Own strawberry limeade today and was quite stoked about it
(I sure don't want to share with him, the way he backwashes!) =)

Too busy chewing to look at the camera

Yum - cheese tots!

I was a Little nervous about his drink in the car, hence the beach towel draped across him!

After lunch and a nap for Keenan, we headed to the Niceville Children's park. We hadn't been there in a while, and Keenan had "grown into" some of the stuff since we were there last so that was fun.

Peeking out of the rock climbing tower

Coming down the slide, one of his favorite things

Exiting the tunnel

"Aw, Mom, he's not so scary, see?"

Keenan's first successful ride on the "spinning thing"

After the park, we came home, made dinner and then hung out until Philip was ready for us to bring him dinner. We visited with him for a little while before Keenan needed to get home to bed. That's all, folks!

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Anonymous said...

Keenan, you are absolutely adorable and I can't wait to hug and kiss your squeeeezable face!

I love you,

Grandma E.