Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Splash park at home... just add water

After missing out on any Fay action over the weekend, we did finally get a bit of nasty weather yesterday... and it looks like we have a bunch more headed our way later this week! We are headed to Merritt Island/Melbourne this weekend for a wedding, so hopefully it doesn't affect our travel plans at all. =0/

A glimpse at what the storm yesterday was like

Yesterday Wendi and I were both able to go to the Moms in Motion class together! We usually have to babysit for each other, but John was home, so he watched both boys while we went. It was nice to have the company, since it would have just been me for most of the class!
I was introduced to "wall squats" for the first time, and decided that I, like Wendi, Hate them!! Wow that burns! =0/ It was a good class though, and I'm even going to attempt to keep going when Wendi is away for a couple weeks, since the instructor said she'd tailor something that would work for me, even if I bring Keenan along!

Philip is on an Ambulatory Procedures rotation for a couple weeks now, which means he comes home at a decent time and we actually get to spend the whole evening with him! Woohoo!

I haven't posted a sleeping picture of him in a while, and I just think he's too cute...

Keenan now has speech therapy every Tuesday and Thursday. I think this will be better, since he'll be more used to seeing the woman there, and will be more likely to jabber for her like he does for me. We went today and he was a little more verbal with her, and even held her hand, so I think he's getting used to it now. =)

Playing with the doll house

We went to Wal-Mart and picked up a magic doodle pad for Keenan for our trip this weekend. I also noticed a cool sprinkler thing that was on clearance for $3 and decided to get it. It's a Huge hit! Since we don't really have much of a yard (and I didn't want to wash away the little bit of grass that we do have) I set it up on a blanket on the driveway. He loves it!

Woohoo, my own little splash park!

Trying to get a drink

Entertaining himself by sticking leaves in the drain

Another fun Wal-Mart deal, his first raincoat! =)
(With all these storms, he just might need it soon!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, can you bring the portable splash park for us to play in too? :-) I also love that rain coat. Do they come in adult sizes? lol.

Pray for U. Dave (who's traveling from MO to FL on his Harley!) that he will have good weather and arrive safely and in time for the wedding. thx. Love, Mom E.