Thursday, August 21, 2008

Party Preparations

So... today is Jodi's actual birthday, and we're throwing her a surprise birthday party! Sarah had the great idea a couple days ago, and we've been throwing together details and an invite list, and hopefully it all works out really well tonight! =) Jodi is such an amazing person and does so much for all of us that we really wanted to honor her this year on her special 30th birthday!

This blog post details what my part for the party entails... (If you're reading this on the 21st then Philip posted it for me After Jodi would have already got to the party, so no surprise spoiling could possibly happen).

First, Keenan's card for Jodi:

I figured the best way for him to personalize it was if he made it himself...

We painted his hand pink and made a flower...

Then dipped his finger in green for the stem...

and painted his toes green...

to make leaves...

I think it turned out cute =)

Next, the cake.

Since I love to make desserts, I offered to make the birthday cake. We weren't sure what Jodi's favorite cake flavor was, so we decided chocolate was probably a safe bet. I personally, don't normally really like chocolate cake all that much - so I decided to make one that even I would like!

I cut the cakes into four layers and (while it was hot), poured sweetened condensed milk into each layer, to make sure it was nice and moist (nothing worse than a dry cake!) Then, once it was cool, I slathered each layer with a cream cheese/chocolate fudge pudding filling before stacking them all up.

Since the cake was already going to be so sweet and chocolatey, I decided that my usual butter cream icing might be too rich, so I used Cool Whip instead. To make it a little more fun, I tinted it pink! =)

The last of the layers disappearing under the cloud of pink

Sort of looks like a pink porcupine, don't you think?

Next, we needed some chocolate "embellishments", so I chopped up some Hersheys milk chocolate into chunks...

...and sprinkled them on top of the cream cheese/cool whip frosting border

...and added some semi sweet chocolate drizzle

Around about this time, I got the crazy idea that it would be fun to try and make a chocolate "lattice ring" of sorts to go on top of the cake. I wrapped waxed paper around a honey container (figuring that once the melted chocolate cooled and hardened, I could take it off the container and the ring would come easily off the waxed paper).

Here's my crazy contraption

For better or worse, here's the ring cooling in the fridge!

While I was waiting on that, I decided to add more chocolate to the top edge of the cake

Time to see if my idea worked...

It did! Yay!

Next I added some little chocolate flowers to the sides of the cake, and there you have it...

The finished product - the candle will go in the middle
(Now, if I can only get it to Sarah's house without any melting or falling apart!) =)

When he got up from his nap, Keenan (kindly) wanted to help me clean up...

He found the bag that I'd been piping melted chocolate out of...

and thouroughly enjoyed some of it! =)


Tim said...

Hey Jojo,

That's some cake. (<-- that's a compliment, not an observation...)
I like the idea for the chocolate lattice-work - quite impressive!
Steph asked why I haven't made her a cake like that. (I'm waiting for her 50th - by then she'll have dentures and I'll be able to eat it all...)
Congrats to the Keenster Canuck!
Love, T

Birthday Girl said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Good choice on the chocolate cake. It is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Too much for words ... too much for words....where do you come up with these incredible ideas - how did the cake taste in the end?
I'm in sugar shock and I didn't even eat it!

Joia said...

Tim, Wow, my cake so inspired you that you left a Comment?? I'll take that! =) Thank you for the compliment, not only the comment.

Jodi, you couldn't be more welcome - glad I picked the right flavor!

Laura - thanks, ideas just kept running through my head the past week and fortunately they actually worked. I Think everyone thought the cake tasted pretty good in the end, too. =)

Mom said...

So who says everybody had dentures at 50 TIM! You better start practicing, 50 comes a lot faster than you think.

The cake is really beautiful Joia, you are way more creative than your Mom. Really nice!!! Mmmmm

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I echo everyone's sentiments. Very impressive and creative. Jeff will be a little jealous and inspired, I'm sure. We thought his Santa cake at Christmastime was awesome, but yours definitely "took the cake". arr arr arr.

(And I agree with your mom, Tim! 50 and beyond comes Way faster than you know. lol.)

Love, Mom E

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wanted you to know that I was Equally impressed with the card made by Keenan, and didn't want the cake accomplishment to steal the thunder from the card. I'm sure us Grandma's would Love to have a Keenan card sometime too, eh? Right Judy? :) lol

Erica said...

Hey Joia - Wendi's friend Erica here! I just read about your cake on her blog and had to check it out!! It looks awesome. HOW IN THE WORLD did you do that chocolate lattice thingy??

Jen said...

That cake is just down-right impressive! WOW!
:) Jen