Monday, August 11, 2008


I don't have any pictures from today, so this will be short and sweet.

Keenan had his first speech therapy appointment this morning. It went well and he had fun playing and doing the things that she asked him to, but didn't hardly speak a word (which was especially frustrating, since he's learned a few since we were there last!) =)

I actually got my scrapbooking stuff out today and have started working on getting caught up since Christmas. I think getting started was half the battle.. hopefully I can get caught up in the next week or so.

I had another prenatal fitness class today. Last week, the instructor said she didn't know yet how hard she should push me, until she had worked with me for a bit. Well, this week she figured it out! =0/ I'm pretty sore today, but am really liking the class and how good I feel when I do it! I've been walking most days now and eating Way better, so I feel a hundred percent better than I did even a week ago.

Today Keenan took his diaper off for the first time in his crib during nap time (thankfully it wasn't poopy!) He did, however pee through the bars onto the floor! What a guy... (He's going to love the fact that I posted about this when he comes back and reads this in a few years... hee hee).

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Denise said...

well, I HOPE you don't have to deal with what we do, but here are the steps we had to take in case you need it for future reference. It started only in the morning at first. Duct tape the diaper shut. After a few weeks, they learned to pull them down like a pull-up. Then I changed them to onsies during nap, they learned to unsnap them. Then I put them in sleepers, then they learned to unsnap and unzip them. So I put them in sleepers backwards. Then they started it at nap every day too. SOOO, every day at nap I change them into backwards sleepers. Then every day at bedtime I do the same. Needless to say it is frustrating to change three kids 4 times a day, but it is better than the laundry. BTW, it is very hot here. So I cut the arms into short sleeves and cut the legs as short as possible before hitting the zipper. Then I cut the tag (if there was one) off and did a short slit where the tag was so it doesn't come too high on their necks. I don't know how to sew, so this is my way of doing it!

I HOPE you don't have to deal with it, but I thought I would share in case!!!