Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's nice to be home together

Today has been a fun, lazy day spent at home together. Keenan and Philip have had lots of fun time together and I got to take a nap and relax a bit.
This evening we went to the park to burn off some energy before bed.


Swinging together

Keenan went down to "look" at the water, and to make a long story short...

He ended up In it! =)

Our footprints (mine is on the right)

More pics from last week...

Country Livin' (I put all of these ones together, since they all share the same "theme", tomorrow I'll finish posting the rest from our trip)

On the way home from the cottage, Mom and I and Rob and Ada stopped in to see our friends, Jeanine and Dustin. They recently moved to the country to farm beside Dustin's parents.

Beautiful golden field beside Jeanine and Dustin's house

Jeanine and I (she's due two weeks before me)

Me and my little country boyfriend

Keenan checking out the old barn on their property

Peeking in the window

He got So excited when Dustin came home in a Huge grain truck!

Heading out to see who was driving this awesome machine...

...and they came back best buds =)

We stopped in at Rob and Ada's the next day to say goodbye and to see their brand new kittens!

Keenan tried to "tickle" them

Giving Nicki a kiss

The wheat around my parent's house had just been cut and the two combines were parked out by the barn, so Keenan and I went to check them out.

He sure looks tiny in front of it!

On my parent's porch swing

Having a bath on the porch after having a pretty fun and dirty time in the yard

On our way back to Michigan we passed by here on my parent's road and I just Had to stop and take a picture!

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