Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Keenan and I had an amazing time away, but it is so nice to be back home again!

We had a great day and a half in Michigan, staying with Uncle Tim, Aunt Toni, Megan, Liam and Emma. Keenan loved their huge dog, Jack, and the kids had a great time entertaining him during our stay. One of my favorite parts was getting a snail mail letter that Philip had sent there for me! How sweet! =)

We had lunch and a great visit with my good friend, Melissa, yesterday before heading to the airport. Both of our flights went well and we got back home shortly before 10 last night. Philip had done a lot of cleaning while we were gone, so the house was in great shape! Woohoo! While I put Keenan to bed, Philip ran me a nice (candle lit) hot bubble bath. While I soaked, he brought me sparkling grape juice and Lindor truffles! Wow, it's good to be home! =)

I took almost 400 pictures this past week, so I will just pick and choose and share a few with you each day for the next little while, to catch you up on what Keenan and I have been doing...

Changing Keenan on the trunk of the rental on the looong drive to the cottage
(It was soo nice to have Andrew along to do the bulk of the driving so I could entertain Keenan!)

Keenan playing air hockey with Grandpa and Uncle Tim when we arrived

Tickling Uncle Andrew

Jumping on the trampoline with Grandpa and Mika
(his first time ever!)

First popsicle

Getting ready for the weiner roast

Rebekah and I
(I got teased a LOT for being so cold the first couple of days up there!)

Remember I said we were doing an early Christmas? We had stockings together and Christmas breakfast one morning, since we won't all be able to be together at Christmas..

We even found a little "tree" in one of the closets to use!

So pretty...

Me rolling out the dough for cinnamon buns for "Christmas morning"
(We had forgotten a rolling pin, so I rummaged around in the kitchen and found a bottle of vodka, which worked nicely!)

Keenan and Mika

Sleepy Christmas morning

Opening his stocking

In recent news...

I'm 18.5 weeks along

Philip's dad is driving up today from Merritt Island to spend a couple days with us. We are really excited to see him, since we haven't seen him since Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

I miss you! Come back!

Liz said...

uncle bruce on a trampoline, that is funny stuff :)