Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun lunch with Good Friends

The wifia lunch was here today. It was just Tiffany, Wendi and Jodi since Sarah and Andrea were unable to come. We had a yummy light lunch and semi celebrated Jodi's birthday (which is tomorrow, Happy Birthday, Jodi!) I made a banana nut roll for dessert, which went over well. =) (Yes, it's posted on the food blog)

Banana Nut Roll with cream cheese filling and icing

Jodi with Keenan and William (holding hands!)

Keenan and William played really well together for a long time this afternoon. When they were saying goodbye, they hugged each other...

This picture isn't the best quality
(I love how Keenan looks like he's afraid and is clinging to William for dear life!)

Keenan being silly and trying to sit in the basket...
(and just to take a look back...)

Keenan in the basket at his first Easter

...and at seven months =)

Isaac spent some time with us this afternoon again while Wendi went to the Moms in Motion class. He also tried out the basket... (first is his debut in the basket at only a week or so old!)

So tiny...

Look at me now!

I love having Isaac around so Keenan can get used to having a baby in the house. I think he (for the most part) really likes having him here and is fascinated by everything he does.

The ultimate gesture of friendship - sharing his Bunny =)

Getting a little taste of what life will be like in a few months!

They were both on my lap at one point and their feet looked so cute together!

Good buddies just chillin' on the couch


Mom W. said...

Oh that looks so yummy, I will have to try it. Mmmmm... Keenan looks so big

Anonymous said...

wow keenan looks so big! looks like he is a couple feet tall lol

Anonymous said...

Every time I see another dessert posted, I think, "Oh, we need to make *that* one when you get here! You really need to be here more than 2 days. lol.

Love, Mom E.