Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday's fun etc...

Yesterday, Keenan and I had another great lunch with Frank and Myrlte. Myrtle made fried chicken, turnips, cornbread and potato salad. Yum! (It's a really good thing I don't eat her cooking every day though!)

In the afternoon, we went and picked up a couple groceries for the weekend. The commissary was Packed with people frantically buying stuff before the storm, I think.

Next, we went to the library and then over to the splash park. We hadn't been in a while, and I wanted Keenan to get a chance before the yucky weather this weekend ruled any of that type of fun out.

Keenan's favorite thing at the water park
Here he's trying to drink it!

It surprised him here when it turned back on

He's even braving the spraying rings all by himself now!

For dinner, I let Keenan try an "American Classic", Spaghetti O's for the first time...

He seemed to like them okay, although I sure don't! =)

Philip was at the hospital until after 10 last night, since he had a patient delivering a baby. That made for a Very long day for him, but at least she had it before the weekend!
When he got home, we brought in a bunch of stuff from our front porch, in preparation for Fay's visit that was supposed to hit last night. As far as I know though, it didn't even start raining until this morning, and the winds haven't really picked up too much yet... We'll see how the rest of the day goes...

In half an hour, we have a guy (the first of several) coming to give us an estimate on hurricane shutters for the house. Then, at 1:00, I have my ultrasound, so hopefully I'll have some cool pictures to post later!

This evening, Wendi and Isaac are going to hang out with Keenan so Philip and I can go out again... how exciting! =)

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