Sunday, August 10, 2008

Date day

This afternoon/evening, Philip and I were able to have a (long overdue) date, since Jodi graciously gave up a few hours of her weekend to watch Keenan for us!
We went to Destin and took a nice walk on the beach (which I love) and then we took a walk through the cute little neighborhood close to the beach, with all the adorable little vacation homes.

On the boardwalk to the beach

Impressive sand castle

We thought this head was comical

My hot date

In the cutesy beach neighborhood

This house was kind of eclectic (notice the sunglasses all along the fence!)

We had dinner and some great conversation at Outback Steakhouse before heading back to pick up our little man, who had a Wonderful time with Jodi and Kutcher!

Delicious dinner (half came home with us!)

Keenan kissing his buddy, Kutcher

Last vacation pictures:

On the way home from the cottage, we stopped in to see my grandparents (since we hadn't seen them since last September, and we can never be sure how long they'll be around). We had a nice visit, and they loved seeing Keenan, now that he is so much more interactive. =)

Four generations with Grandma

...and with Grandpa

We had supper at A&W, Keenan loved the big mug! =)

On Saturday, we visited my friends, Laura and Nathan, in their new (beautiful) home in London.
Laura and Keenan

The two of us (and Tiny)

When we got to Michigan, we stayed the night with Philip's Uncle Tim and Aunt Toni, and his three cousins, Megan, Liam and Emma (and the dog, Jack). We had a wonderful time with them as always, and they catered to our every need!

Keenan with Jack, Emma (right), and Emma's friend, Sidney

Before heading to the airport, we stopped in and had lunch and spent the afternoon with my friend, Melissa. She is expecting their first baby (a girl) on Thanksgiving day. It was really fun to compare pregnancy notes and take pictures together! =)

Us and our blooming bellies

Keenan with all our stuff after we got dropped off by the shuttle at the airport
(Since my bag was a little overweight on the way there, and I accumulated some stuff, I brought an extra carry on this time... only to find out that my bag was five pounds Under weight this time!) =0/

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Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics and the videos. The one of Keenan painting was so funny. Make sure he 'autographs' his photos! :-) I was excited to hear that Melissa is pregnant too. Also thanks for calling on my b'day. Sorry I couldn't talk very long. I called back after the wedding shower but you and Keenan were sleeping.

Do you think you could post a video of Keenan saying "wow", so I can hear it again (and see him)? That was the cutest thing ever!

Love, Mom