Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy busy day

Today has been pretty much non-stop until now!

This morning, we dropped Philip off at work a little after 7. He had to wear his dress blues in to work today and I thought he looked so handsome, I just had to snap his picture. =)

Then we raced home, and I jumped in the shower, (while Keenan ate his breakfast in the high chair in the bathroom!) Then I was running around drying my hair, getting ready for our first MOPS meeting of the year, and packing us a lunch...and Keenan locked the bathroom door. Fortunately he wasn't In there at the time, but we have no key for it, so I had to get two butter knives and jimmy the lock (and was already running late). Keenan thought this was all pretty funny and stood by giggling while I tried several times unsuccesfuly to open it before I finally got in! =0/

We got to MOPS at 8:20, so I could help with set up before everyone arrived. Keenan "graduated" to the older class, he's now a "Toddlin' Tiger" instead of a "Baby Bear". He wasn't too sure about it at first, but ended up really liking it because they had much cooler toys in there (a kitchen, work bench, trucks, etc...) My little boy is growing up! =0/

It was a Great meeting! The steering team did an awesome job with the theme for the year "Adventures in Mothering". Everything had a fun circus/carnival theme.

Vanessa and Amanda, the Co-Coordinators of the group this year (in their silly hats)

My group, the Cotton Candy Cuties
Ashley, Jen, Brooke, Loree and Angela

Most of our group

Something new this year is the M.O.M. (Mom of the Meeting) award. One mom will be chosen each meeting, and will be presented with a tiara and a gold (World's Greatest Mom) metal to wear during the meeting, as well as a fun gift. I was chosen this week - how fun! =)

Me all decked out with my gift

This week's craft - a little treasure box that will serve as our name place card at our table and will hold important little stuff that we need for each meeting.

Andrea and I posing for a prego picture =)

After MOPS, we ate our lunch in the car and picked Philip up from work so he could meet with someone from the company we're buying hurricane shutters from to sign some papers. Thankfully Keenan fell asleep during this time, so we dropped Philip back off, and then headed to the speech therapy place. Thankfully he was able to sleep in the car for an hour before his appointment. He had a blast, as usual, and learned how to say "Yay!" today! =)

"Fishing" for magnetic fish from the puzzle

Erasing his drawing on the magic doodle board

Since he did so well at speech, I decided to take Keenan to Wendi's for a Frosty after...

...which he hated, obviously

Now we're back home. Keenan played in his sprinkler while I cleaned out the car and now he's taking a nap while I do laundry and pack.

We are planning to leave early in the morning (as soon as Keenan wakes up), so I may not blog again until we're in Merritt Island tomorrow evening.

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Tara said...

i love the prego picture :) wish you could sneak wendi into one w/ you :)