Friday, August 8, 2008

Cottage wrap up

These are the final pictures I'll post from our week at the cottage. This bunch is just a random collection from the week. The next two days I'll post a few pictures from the post cottage days of our trip, and then we'll be all caught up!

We had a double birthday party for my sister in law, Rebekah, and my niece, Kyla

Me, Kyla and Keenan

Lots of people have been asking my dad and brothers if they've ever done a recording of their singing, so they decided to get some equipment and do some recording while we were all together. It was so awesome to get to hear so much singing that week! =)

They actually let us girls join in on one song

Making shishkabobs

Four sister in laws, Ada, Steph, Rebekah and I

Eating the big piece of chocolate cake he served himself for breakfast!

Relaxing together while our facials do there work

Everyong in line for ice cream at Kawartha Dairy

Kyla loves ice cream!

Keenan and I with our cone
(Chocolate Peanut Butter and Caramel Snapper)

The whole gang!
back: Kyla, Steph, Dad, Keenan, Me, Rebekah, Mark, Rob
front: Tim, Shaelyn, Mika, Mom, Andrew, Ada

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