Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Busy Tuesday

My day started with a super early walk at 5:15! I decided to walk (without Keenan) Before Philip went in to work today, since I didn't think I'd have time after. It's Really dark out then, and I actually missed having Keenan along for company...

I had my OB appointment this morning. I've gained more than I would like, but am gaining less per month than I have been, so this is progress, at least. =) Dr. G. did a quick ultrasound so I could see the baby moving (since I was a little concerned that I hadn't really been feeling any movement yet, and was a little worried that maybe he/she didn't have any legs or something!) I was reassured to see all four limbs and that the baby was in fact, moving around in there. =) I have my official, super duper detailed 20 week ultrasound this Saturday (at the Niceville hospital, since Eglin is backed up), so I'm really excited about that! I'll hopefully get some great pictures to post!

Keenan was pretty tuckered out from our busy morning, so he took an hour and a half nap when we got home (which meant I got an hour too!) After that, we went to the Sheridan's for a yummy lunch with some of their other friends.

This afternoon (during his second nap), I baked dessert for the lunch tomorrow. When he got up we went to Wal-Mart and stopped at Sonic on the way for a snack....

Keenan eating his corn dog (it's only the second he had ever had, and he's still not exactly sure how to eat one!) =)

We tried out a new park on base this afternoon while waiting for Philip to get finished with work. I don't know Why we haven't gone there before, it's awesome, and about 30 seconds from the hospital!

Keenan peeking out of the pirate ship

Keenan at the top of one of the park's four slides (these ones are much faster than any he's been on before and he loved it!)

With some new friends

Taking a rest on the tiny bench


Getting tickled by Mommy

Posing for a picture in the cute little pavilion by the park

Keenan with his tennis ball (given to him by the guy playing in the background)

Keenan getting a Very bubbly bubble bath from Daddy after playing so hard at the park!


James said...

Hey Joia,

Sounds like you have quit the busy life. Your looking good. So when are you coming down to Mexico? Andrew's been, what, 3 times now? Come with him next time for a little while.


Anonymous said...

Those are some well placed bubbles...Keenan will thank you for it later ...hahaha :)

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Nelly, with Tim and Steph moving to Mexico, the chances of me getting down there are getting more likely! =)

Anonymous said...

I agree that the bubbles were strategically placed. lol. Mom E.