Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy day

We had quite a lot going on yesterday.

The wifia lunch was at Sarah's. She made some awesome chicken salad that was accompanied by cheese and crackers, veggies, and chocolate chip cookies. It was a fairly small group of us, but Keenan really enjoyed seeing Della after so long, especially now that she can walk!!

Keenan liked playing with Della's new kitchen - and tasting the waffle!

Isaac is getting so big!

In the afternoon I went to a prenatal fitness class on base. Wendi and I are both doing it, on alternating days. I really liked it, we did a lot of stuff on balls, weight training, and exercise bikes. It has really made me see that I need to exercise more, and inspired me to find ways to do that.

Last night, the wifia hosted a small bridal shower for Shannon, one of the doctors in our husband's residency. Jodi had us over to her house and made baked spaghetti and I made clafouti for dessert. Two of the other doctors, Kacey and Robin also came, so we had half wifia, half doctors (since several of the wifia couldn't make it).

The gifts we got for Shannon

Shannon, me, Jodi, Sarah, Kacey and Robin

Kacey and Kutcher

It was a fun evening out, and good to catch up with the three docs, since we don't get to see much of them with their busy schedules. =)

More pictures from the cottage - these ones are mostly swimming related.

Keenan on the dock in his new life jacket

My dad trying out the kayak, and Tim, Mika and Mark in the water

Keenan and I braved the chilly Ontario water - brrr! Keenan wasn't a big fan of being in with a life jacket on so we didn't stay long

Warming up

My niece, Mika

Tim teaching Keenan how to spray me with the water gun

Going for a ride in the paddle boat

A bunch of them on the dock

Rebekah, Mark, Mika, Tim, Steph and Shaelyn

Me and Ada

Tim with the rope swing

Mark exiting the rope swing

Ada, Rebekah and I just before the very chilly night swim!

Since I'm pregnant, I obviously didn't do the rope swing, but was Very jealous of my brothers! Especially Andrew in this video!

This one makes me laugh. Andrew and Tim flipped the ladders up onto the deck, and then used them to dive off of! =)

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