Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Afternoon with Isaac/MOPS dinner

Keenan and I got to hang out with Isaac for an hour this afternoon while Wendi went to the fitness class. He is Such a good baby. I think it will be great practice for me (taking care of two at once), and for Keenan (to see what it will be like having Mommy take care of someone else besides him). Here's some pictures from their time together...

Isaac sitting in the Bebe Pod chair like a pro!

"This little piggy.."

Big kiss for his little buddy!

Holding babies is fun!

"Woah, this kids's almost as big as I am!"

After Isaac was done, Keenan decided to try out the ole chair again...

...but had a hard time getting out! =)

Trying to share his Ritz chip with Isaac (who looked like he would have Loved to try it!)

Tonight was the Italian dinner that our MOPS group put on as a fundraiser at the Methodist church in Shalimar. It was a great evening! It was really fun to see all my MOPS friends again, and the event was a huge success! The food was awesome! =)

Andrea overseeing the bake sale table
(My fudge sold for $10 each!)

Part of the serving team
Jen, Amanda, Me and Sandi

Some of our guests

Sandi, Jen and Vanessa

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Vanessa S said...

Hey Joia,
Great pics! Thanks again for all your help. The dinner was a big success. See you soon.