Sunday, August 31, 2008

Farewell August

I can't believe it's almost September! Tomorrow my oldest brother, Tim and his wife Stephanie and their three girls leave for their move to Mexico. Please keep them in your prayers. We are so excited for this new step in their lives but will miss them soo very much as well.

Today has been another great day. I went to church with Mom and Jeff this morning and Philip stayed home with Keenan, since it was naptime. A bunch of family joined us for a delicious lunch (Jeff grilled burgers and chicken and Mom made some great salad and dip and I made an ice cream cake for dessert). The afternoon has been spent playing Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Last Word, Uno Stacko, and now there is a rousing game of Spoons going on. Lots of fun!

Just before Keenan had his bath and went to bed, Philip, Isaac, Keenan and I went to see a litter of Lab mix puppies a few miles away. They were nine weeks old and there were seven of them running around.... sooo cute! I have some adorable pictures to post when I'm able. =) Keenan was pretty overwhelmed from all the puppies jumping and licking, and we all got Filthy, but it was really fun!

We head out fairly early in the morning for home. See you all when I'm posting from the Mac again! =)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's HOT here!

Today has been a fun day. Last night wasn't such a great night. Keenan was up multiple times, and then decided to get up this morning at 5:30 (which is like 4:30 our time!) I decided that we should just go ahead and go for our walk (so as not to wake anyone else up). That turned out to be a bad idea, since it was Already muggy out and the mosquitoes here Never take a break, so I got at least 15 bites! Keenan was okay, since he was screened in in the stroller, thankfully.

We had a delicious breakfast and then got ready and headed off to the wedding. Philip's cousin, Cheree was getting married in Melbourne, FL. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun/delicious reception afterwards. Keenan and I headed back with Jess and Matt while the rest stayed to help clean up (which they didn't end up needing to do afterall). Jessica and I got lasagna and manicotti and butterfinger trifle ready and then everyone joined us for dinner (and the Michigan/Utah football game).

We're back at Mom and Jeff's now and planning to play some guitar hero before heading to bed. N'ight all!

I have been taking pictures, but will wait until I get home to post them...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Safe arrival

We had a good day of travel, and arrived here in Merritt Island at 4:oo this afternoon. The coolest part about the trip was that we ended up at a rest area with John and Wendi and Isaac and Scrubs TWO separate times today!! How bizarre is that?? =) (They were driving to Fort Lauderdale today)

We had dinner with Mom, Jeff, Isaac, Matt, Jessica, and Reagan and Hudson. This evening we're just hanging out watching some TV (and are planning to get to bed in good time tonight - a big change from our usual when we're here).

Not too much else to report from today. LOTS of kicks from baby Tiny! =0)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy busy day

Today has been pretty much non-stop until now!

This morning, we dropped Philip off at work a little after 7. He had to wear his dress blues in to work today and I thought he looked so handsome, I just had to snap his picture. =)

Then we raced home, and I jumped in the shower, (while Keenan ate his breakfast in the high chair in the bathroom!) Then I was running around drying my hair, getting ready for our first MOPS meeting of the year, and packing us a lunch...and Keenan locked the bathroom door. Fortunately he wasn't In there at the time, but we have no key for it, so I had to get two butter knives and jimmy the lock (and was already running late). Keenan thought this was all pretty funny and stood by giggling while I tried several times unsuccesfuly to open it before I finally got in! =0/

We got to MOPS at 8:20, so I could help with set up before everyone arrived. Keenan "graduated" to the older class, he's now a "Toddlin' Tiger" instead of a "Baby Bear". He wasn't too sure about it at first, but ended up really liking it because they had much cooler toys in there (a kitchen, work bench, trucks, etc...) My little boy is growing up! =0/

It was a Great meeting! The steering team did an awesome job with the theme for the year "Adventures in Mothering". Everything had a fun circus/carnival theme.

Vanessa and Amanda, the Co-Coordinators of the group this year (in their silly hats)

My group, the Cotton Candy Cuties
Ashley, Jen, Brooke, Loree and Angela

Most of our group

Something new this year is the M.O.M. (Mom of the Meeting) award. One mom will be chosen each meeting, and will be presented with a tiara and a gold (World's Greatest Mom) metal to wear during the meeting, as well as a fun gift. I was chosen this week - how fun! =)

Me all decked out with my gift

This week's craft - a little treasure box that will serve as our name place card at our table and will hold important little stuff that we need for each meeting.

Andrea and I posing for a prego picture =)

After MOPS, we ate our lunch in the car and picked Philip up from work so he could meet with someone from the company we're buying hurricane shutters from to sign some papers. Thankfully Keenan fell asleep during this time, so we dropped Philip back off, and then headed to the speech therapy place. Thankfully he was able to sleep in the car for an hour before his appointment. He had a blast, as usual, and learned how to say "Yay!" today! =)

"Fishing" for magnetic fish from the puzzle

Erasing his drawing on the magic doodle board

Since he did so well at speech, I decided to take Keenan to Wendi's for a Frosty after...

...which he hated, obviously

Now we're back home. Keenan played in his sprinkler while I cleaned out the car and now he's taking a nap while I do laundry and pack.

We are planning to leave early in the morning (as soon as Keenan wakes up), so I may not blog again until we're in Merritt Island tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great go work off!

We had a great wifia lunch at Wendi's today. She made an amazing chicken and stuffing casserole, Jodi made a yummy veggie casserole, Sarah brought potato rolls that were waaay too good, and I made a clafouti for dessert.

My first time making a raspberry one - it was really good!

I just had to put this outfit on Keenan today, even though it's still big on him... I think he looks like a little basketball player =)

I turned around to look at him in the car and just thought he was so adorable that I had to take a picture on the way to lunch! =0) Yes, I'm pretty crazy about him...

The kids were extra rowdy today too. It's getting interesting, with them all being so close in age, they totally copy each other's (bad) behavior and end up getting into a lot of mischief! =)

Keenan wrestling with William

Checking out Tiff's cast

I had my fitness class again this afternoon and amazingly wasn't extremely stiff from the last one! I really enjoy going (for the most part, when the trainer isn't torturing us!) and plan to go right up until I'm due.

Tomorrow will be an incredibly busy day with lots going on, as well as trying to get packed and get the house in decent order before leaving on our trip early Friday morning.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Splash park at home... just add water

After missing out on any Fay action over the weekend, we did finally get a bit of nasty weather yesterday... and it looks like we have a bunch more headed our way later this week! We are headed to Merritt Island/Melbourne this weekend for a wedding, so hopefully it doesn't affect our travel plans at all. =0/

A glimpse at what the storm yesterday was like

Yesterday Wendi and I were both able to go to the Moms in Motion class together! We usually have to babysit for each other, but John was home, so he watched both boys while we went. It was nice to have the company, since it would have just been me for most of the class!
I was introduced to "wall squats" for the first time, and decided that I, like Wendi, Hate them!! Wow that burns! =0/ It was a good class though, and I'm even going to attempt to keep going when Wendi is away for a couple weeks, since the instructor said she'd tailor something that would work for me, even if I bring Keenan along!

Philip is on an Ambulatory Procedures rotation for a couple weeks now, which means he comes home at a decent time and we actually get to spend the whole evening with him! Woohoo!

I haven't posted a sleeping picture of him in a while, and I just think he's too cute...

Keenan now has speech therapy every Tuesday and Thursday. I think this will be better, since he'll be more used to seeing the woman there, and will be more likely to jabber for her like he does for me. We went today and he was a little more verbal with her, and even held her hand, so I think he's getting used to it now. =)

Playing with the doll house

We went to Wal-Mart and picked up a magic doodle pad for Keenan for our trip this weekend. I also noticed a cool sprinkler thing that was on clearance for $3 and decided to get it. It's a Huge hit! Since we don't really have much of a yard (and I didn't want to wash away the little bit of grass that we do have) I set it up on a blanket on the driveway. He loves it!

Woohoo, my own little splash park!

Trying to get a drink

Entertaining himself by sticking leaves in the drain

Another fun Wal-Mart deal, his first raincoat! =)
(With all these storms, he just might need it soon!)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Catch up

The rest of our Sunday went well. Keenan and I went to the splash park in the afternoon (it was soo hot!) for a while so Philip could get some stuff done at home.

He found a couple balls that someone had brought and had a Great time playing with them in the water!

Oops! Looks like it got away on him! =)

These rings are even better than the ones at the other splash park

He seemed very curious about where all this water was coming from

After that, Keenan took a long nap, we had dinner and then he and Philip took a "manly trip" to Auto Zone together so I could have some time to myself.

Last night, Philip and I watched a movie called Pride, and it was fantastic (based on a true story!)

Keenan is gradually starting to say (or at least try to say) more words, which is fun for us. =)

Over the last couple days, I've been able to feel the baby move a lot more, which is really exciting, and it shouldn't be long before Philip can feel it too!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday happenings

Our Saturday went well (and storm free, I might add), I guess Fay took her fury elsewhere.

We learned a lot about hurricane protection yesterday during our first estimate, and Keenan got to play with the miniature accordion shutters.

Philip showing him how they work (so he can help when the time comes) =)

The ultrasound went well, but unfortunately they were out of paper for the machine, so we don't have any pictures yet! The baby was measuring well and looks to be a little less than a pound right now.

Philip and I had a nice evening together while Wendi and Isaac came over to spend the evening with Keenan. We went to T.G.I. Fridays and had some awesome quesadillas before heading to the mall to wander around, I bought a shirt, and then we had dessert at DQ. =)

Not sure what our plans are for the day, but Keenan definitely needs to get out of the house at some point...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday's fun etc...

Yesterday, Keenan and I had another great lunch with Frank and Myrlte. Myrtle made fried chicken, turnips, cornbread and potato salad. Yum! (It's a really good thing I don't eat her cooking every day though!)

In the afternoon, we went and picked up a couple groceries for the weekend. The commissary was Packed with people frantically buying stuff before the storm, I think.

Next, we went to the library and then over to the splash park. We hadn't been in a while, and I wanted Keenan to get a chance before the yucky weather this weekend ruled any of that type of fun out.

Keenan's favorite thing at the water park
Here he's trying to drink it!

It surprised him here when it turned back on

He's even braving the spraying rings all by himself now!

For dinner, I let Keenan try an "American Classic", Spaghetti O's for the first time...

He seemed to like them okay, although I sure don't! =)

Philip was at the hospital until after 10 last night, since he had a patient delivering a baby. That made for a Very long day for him, but at least she had it before the weekend!
When he got home, we brought in a bunch of stuff from our front porch, in preparation for Fay's visit that was supposed to hit last night. As far as I know though, it didn't even start raining until this morning, and the winds haven't really picked up too much yet... We'll see how the rest of the day goes...

In half an hour, we have a guy (the first of several) coming to give us an estimate on hurricane shutters for the house. Then, at 1:00, I have my ultrasound, so hopefully I'll have some cool pictures to post later!

This evening, Wendi and Isaac are going to hang out with Keenan so Philip and I can go out again... how exciting! =)

Yay, Laura!

Looks like Laura was the lucky visitor number 20,000 (and she had to work hard to get it too!) =) "The early bird gets the hit"?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Approaching 20,000...

The counter at the bottom of my blog is approaching 20,000 hits. I don't have any great ideas for visitor number 20,000 (at least yet), but would like to know who it is when it gets here! =) Thanks for visiting!

Jodi's Surprise Birthday Party!

.... It worked! Jodi was totally and completely surprised! This was a huge accomplishment in itself because she tends to be very suspicious about this kind of stuff and always knows if something is going on! =) We were thrilled to have finally got one over on her. It was a wonderful evening, with good friends and amazing food!

Sarah's already beautiful screened in porch was even more pretty for the party


Kacey, Tiff, Wendi, Andrea

Pretty sitting area and view off the patio

Sarah running the BBQ


Jodi's friends had just sent her a fun 30th birthday shirt that was perfect for the party!

Wendi, Me, Jamie (a fellow Canadian)

Andrea, Tiff, Kacey, Sarah, Jodi, Jamie, Wendi, Me

The food - Sarah (and her husband Rob) did a Fabulous job of preparing and grilling a wonderful meal for all of us!

Kacey (newly engaged!) with the Birthday girl

Wendi, Jamie, Sarah

Jodi, Andrea, Kacey, Tiff

Singing "Happy Birthday" (not our best performance ever)

Jodi and her cake

A few people left a little before 10, and the rest of us hung around for a while, and played several rounds of a fun game called, Whoonu. I didn't get home until 12:15! Keenan had no mercy and was still up before six though... =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Party Preparations

So... today is Jodi's actual birthday, and we're throwing her a surprise birthday party! Sarah had the great idea a couple days ago, and we've been throwing together details and an invite list, and hopefully it all works out really well tonight! =) Jodi is such an amazing person and does so much for all of us that we really wanted to honor her this year on her special 30th birthday!

This blog post details what my part for the party entails... (If you're reading this on the 21st then Philip posted it for me After Jodi would have already got to the party, so no surprise spoiling could possibly happen).

First, Keenan's card for Jodi:

I figured the best way for him to personalize it was if he made it himself...

We painted his hand pink and made a flower...

Then dipped his finger in green for the stem...

and painted his toes green...

to make leaves...

I think it turned out cute =)

Next, the cake.

Since I love to make desserts, I offered to make the birthday cake. We weren't sure what Jodi's favorite cake flavor was, so we decided chocolate was probably a safe bet. I personally, don't normally really like chocolate cake all that much - so I decided to make one that even I would like!

I cut the cakes into four layers and (while it was hot), poured sweetened condensed milk into each layer, to make sure it was nice and moist (nothing worse than a dry cake!) Then, once it was cool, I slathered each layer with a cream cheese/chocolate fudge pudding filling before stacking them all up.

Since the cake was already going to be so sweet and chocolatey, I decided that my usual butter cream icing might be too rich, so I used Cool Whip instead. To make it a little more fun, I tinted it pink! =)

The last of the layers disappearing under the cloud of pink

Sort of looks like a pink porcupine, don't you think?

Next, we needed some chocolate "embellishments", so I chopped up some Hersheys milk chocolate into chunks...

...and sprinkled them on top of the cream cheese/cool whip frosting border

...and added some semi sweet chocolate drizzle

Around about this time, I got the crazy idea that it would be fun to try and make a chocolate "lattice ring" of sorts to go on top of the cake. I wrapped waxed paper around a honey container (figuring that once the melted chocolate cooled and hardened, I could take it off the container and the ring would come easily off the waxed paper).

Here's my crazy contraption

For better or worse, here's the ring cooling in the fridge!

While I was waiting on that, I decided to add more chocolate to the top edge of the cake

Time to see if my idea worked...

It did! Yay!

Next I added some little chocolate flowers to the sides of the cake, and there you have it...

The finished product - the candle will go in the middle
(Now, if I can only get it to Sarah's house without any melting or falling apart!) =)

When he got up from his nap, Keenan (kindly) wanted to help me clean up...

He found the bag that I'd been piping melted chocolate out of...

and thouroughly enjoyed some of it! =)