Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yay, Philip's not at work!

Today is Philip's first day off in the past twelve!

This morning we did a bunch of shopping and running around got home just before most of the rain came. It was kind of a bummer, since Philip was hoping to work in the yard today, but it was nice for him to be able to just hang out and play with Keenan and do some stuff that he enjoys.

Since Keenan hasn't seen much of Philip lately, he was all about Daddy this morning. Philip played with him in his fort for a while and chased him around. Keenan even had to sit on his lap while he ate breakfast! =)

Wendi and I (and Isaac) went to Dairy Queen this afternoon to try the new Thin Mint blizzard. It was pretty good! I got to visit with Wendi, eat ice cream, and give Isaac part of his bottle - a very well spent hour! =0)

This evening, we went to Rob and Sarah's house for dinner. It was really fun to be able to just hang with them, since we don't often get the chance to spend time together as couples. Keenan loved playing with Della (and all the new toys) too. Sarah made chicken enchiladas which were Fabulous! For dessert she made a fresh blueberry cobbler!

Keenan, Philip, me, Rob, Della, Sarah

Playing with Della's new ball machine

The cobbler


Keenan Loved this wagon, although he wasn't great at not steering Della into things! =)

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