Friday, July 18, 2008

Second day with Andrew

This morning, I took Andrew over to meet Frank and Myrtle. (I knew that if they found out I'd had family in town and didn't introduce them, I'd be in big trouble!) Keenan and I had a great visit and chat with Myrtle while Frank and Andrew talked about building, remodeling, and Frank gave Andrew a tour of the house and showed him all the things he had made or built over the years. =)

When we came back, we all had naps. When Keenan got up he was Very cuddly with Andrew!

How sweet... he doesn't do this with many people!

This afternoon, we went on base, got Andrew a pass, and did some shopping at the Commissary. After that, we headed to the Eglin pool. My biggest reason in going was to try out Keenan's new "floaty suit". I had bought it mainly for our vacation, but wanted to see how well it worked before I took it on the trip, in case I wanted to return it. While it was adorable (and made him look like one of the Incredibles), it doesn't keep his head out of the water if I'm not holding onto him, so I think I'll take it back.

He wouldn't cooperate for a good picture of this
The bump on his forehead was from an unfortunate head on collision with the driveway yesterday =(

Big kiss for Mommy =)

Sweet smile

Playing with Uncle Andrew


Where did Uncle Andrew go?

Doesn't he look like he's almost floating on his own here?

Video of Keenan jumping to me

I've recently changed my "no touch" policy on this cupboard, since he Loves playing with these so much, and they kept him busy for at least 40 minutes while I was cooking!

I meant to mention yesterday that when Andrew unpacked his stuff, he had a lot of "goodies" from home for me. The highlights were a huge bag of fuzzy peach slice candy (my favorite) from my mom (Love you, Mom!) and this cute camel for our new baby! It's from Saloma, a sweet lady who is a friend of my mom's.
She also bought us a really cute giraffe when Keenan was born (it's kind of fun to get "unique" stuffed animals for a change)

Philip just got home at 8:00 from a very looong day. This has been a very atypical day for an outpatient rotation. Thankfully he has the whole weekend off!


Diana said...

I love your blogs!! I read them nearly everyday now. It's so nice that Andrew could have a good long visit with you all. And congratulations on the 2nd bundle of joy. How far apart will Keenan and baby be?

Anonymous said...

Where are you vacationing to?

Joia said...

Laura, Andrew, Keenan and I are flying up north to go to the cottage with my whole family for a week, remember?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah ... does that mean a countdown should begin??????