Friday, July 4, 2008

Sandy times at the beach


Us in our American shirts

Since Philip was working (and isn't a big fan of the beach anyway), Keenan and I took the opportunity to head out and get some sand and sun with Matt, Tiffany and William. The water wasn't the prettiest I've ever seen it, but we still had fun.

Keenan and I before becoming completely covered in sand
(Thanks Tiff, for taking pictures of the two of us together!)

"Come on in, the water's (green and filled with algae) fine!"

Keenan pondering the meaning of life

"Woohoo, I love the beach!"

"I dare you to come get me, waves!!"

"That's what I'm talkin' about!"

"Oh nuts, I think I have about two pounds of sand in my pants!"

Playing with William's toys

My cutie (well, one of them)

Keenan's squinty beach face

William preferred to chill in the shade

Heading out on his own...

The boys and Tiff

Matt, Tiff and William

We left the beach at about 11:30 (after completely showering off all the nastiness) and Keenan was asleep in the car within minutes. Since it was close to lunch time, I was able to make a Popeye's run and take food to Philip and two other unfortunates who are working the holiday.

We'll probably go over and see Frank and Myrtle this afternoon, and possibly catch some fireworks with friends tonight... have a good one!

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