Saturday, July 5, 2008

The rest of our Fourth...

Keenan and I visited with Frank and Myrtle, had some iced tea, and found out that there was a big celebration going on at Lincoln Park, so we headed over there next. It was full of people and food vendors and boats and there was a band and everything, it was really fun!

Free Watermelon!

Keenan going down the slide unassisted

...and head first!

How cute is he? =)

This evening after picking Philip up, we stopped in at the Sheridan's for a bit and had ice cream with some neighbors and other friends of theirs. They were all heading to the fireworks afterwards, but we needed to get Keenan (and Philip) home to bed in good time.

I do love ice cream...
(Rocky Road with chocolate sauce, walnuts and whipped cream!)

I thought Keenan was cute with this little pink stroller

My friend, Chastity, and her daughter, Brooklyn

Philip and Brock (Chastity's husband)

Keenan making sure he got his share of the ice cream

Adam serving up the ice cream (with a large audience)

Philip is back to work this morning, until tomorrow morning. I got the whole house cleaned yesterday during Keenan's nap, so I'm not sure what we'll do today, other than groceries. =)

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Mom W. said...

The ice cream looks yummy... I thought of you 4th of Julyers yesterday, Dad and I were away two days slaving over bread slicers... = ), leaving poor Andrew all to himself. Only 3 weeks till we see you, Love you all.