Thursday, July 24, 2008

New dessert, new friends

Our visit with Andrew is winding down. Unfortunately he hasn't been feeling super well lately and has been spending a lot of time in bed. =0/

Tomorrow will be spent mainly getting Keenan and I packed for our trip. With the one bag limit, it will be interesting if I can actually fit all the things we both need into one bag!

We had guests over for dinner tonight, so I tried a new dessert that my sister in law, Steph, just told me about yesterday. It was really good!

No Bake Peanut Butter Toblerone Cheesecake
(I'll try to post the recipe on the dessert blog tomorrow)

Our new friends Brock and Chastidy (from a few blocks over), and their daughter, Brooklyn came over for lasagna tonight. Chastidy is part of the women's Bible study group I'm part of, and we actually just met Brock for the first time on July 4th. He works at Eglin as well. We were both saying after they left that we wish we had gotten to know them better sooner, because they are moving in a few weeks to a base in Ohio! =0/

Brock, Chastidy and Brooklyn

Keenan giving Brooklyn a hug

...and a kiss! (Uh oh, what will Della say??)

Showing her how to hammer on the toy


The Woodford's said...

Oh, that's too bad Andrew isn't feeling well. Hopefully he'll perk up soon!
That's neat you tried the cheesecake. I made 2 9X13 pans of it last night for Tim's work today (that's aLot of cheesecake!). I forgot to tell you how rich it is, and to only serve little pieces! =) I was thinking of making it for the cottage - are you up for a second round so soon? Can't wait to see you!
Love ya,

Flakymn said...

That dessert looks awesooooooooommme!

I had a student named Brock. Maybe it's the same one.

Okay, hopefully not or that would make me even older than I already feel!

Anonymous said...

very cute picture! your heading back to ontario are ya? very neat! well have a great trip!
take care