Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My cousin made me do it Mom

Two funny stories from Joia about Keenan today. Obviously he's feeling much better.

This morning at breakfast Joia was making some waffles for herself while Keenan was sitting in his chair eating Cheerios and milk. There was a cake sitting about a foot away from him and apparently when Joia looked back over he had managed to reach the cake with his little red baby spoon and get a piece, intact, into his bowl with the Cheerios and milk. He was chowing down and trying to get it finished before anyone could take it away. The even funnier part, apparently he didn't want anything to do with the cake last night when Joia offered it to him.

Later in the day Joia was downstairs with some of her siblings and after a little while realized that Keenan and Shaelyn (his cousin who is about a year older) were not in sight. She asked if anyone knew where they were and was told they were in the other room with Grandpa. Well Grandpa was in the other room, but no kids were to be found. At this point she heard some noise upstairs and raced up to find Shaelyn in the bathroom with the water running into the tub which was now half full. Keenan came around the corner dragging a full laundry basket toward the bathroom. Further inspection in the tub revealed, in addition to the water, a number of clothes, a few towels . . . and the remote control for the air conditioning unit. The punch line on this story? After Joia had gotten done ringing out a few of the towels, she was piling them on the edge of the tub as she rang them out, Keenan came toddling back in and pushed one of them back into the water.

Sorry, no random picture today, I need to get to bed.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the photos on this event! Thanks for keeping the blog alive. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

That's too funny!

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious!! At least the kids were doing something "to help out"!!! They've got the idea on how to do laundry!! LOL