Saturday, July 26, 2008

Return of the Math Monster

I hope no one goes into Joia withdrawal over the next week but this blog is going to be a lot less exciting for a few days while she and Keenan are playing in the frozen north of Ontario. Okay, it's not really frozen all the time, well at least not the part where they're going. They started traveling very early this morning and all four flights (Joia and Keenan were on Northwest and Andrew was on Delta) were on time (a miracle for sure if you've flown Northwest through Memphis or Delta through Atlanta). Andrew had claimed the bags by the time J&K cleared security. They picked up the rental car, which Joia said was quite roomy for a compact, and off they went, for about 2 miles.

After a quick phone call back to Florida to figure out where they had made a wrong turn they were directed to I-94 and from there it should have been a pretty straight forward 7+ hr drive into Detroit, across the bridge or tunnel to Windsor, and up the 401 all the way to Toronto before heading almost straight north. I just gave the cottage a call and they said Andrew had called about two hours before saying they were about two hours out, so I hope to get a call soon saying they have safely arrived.

Just to try and make things a little more interesting I'll try and post a little something that I'm interested in also. So for today we'll talk about gas prices. For those of you not as familiar with Canada, the speed limits are higher, 100 on provincial highways. Knowing Joia she was probably doing 110 or 115 . . . km/hr that is. While their speed limits are deceptively higher, their gas prices are deceptively lower. Most gas stations have their prices posted at about $1.164 to $1.418 according to the GasBuddy site for Ontario. The downside is that this is per liter (or litre if you really want to be Canadian aboot it) not per gallon and in Canadian Dollars (CAD) not U.S. Dollars (USD). With an exchange rate and the fact that a liter is larger than a quart (4 quarts to a U.S. gallon) that works out to about somewhere between $4.50 and $5.50 USD per U.S. gallon. This can be summed up in the formula below.

$USD per U.S. gal = [$CAD per litre] X 3.7853285 X [Value of CAD in USD]

Thanks to for the formula and easy reference conversion table as well as to Yahoo Finance for the exchange rate so that I didn't have to think very much while tired.

And what would be a Joia blog entry without at least one picture . . .

This is a gas price "temperature map." Red means high prices, green means low prices, yellow and orange are in between. On you can zoom in all the way down to the county level, or even zip code in some parts of the U.S. to see where the good deals are.

I'm on call tomorow, but will try to give an update on Monday after I hear how things are going.


Flakymn said...

It's good to get an update. I'm going to wait till JB gets home so he can explain it to me. :)

Just kidding! All of us spouses left home alone! What is with THAT?!?

Anonymous said...

yay for you Philip - thanks for posting! After reading Joia's last blog entry I thought 'How am I gonna deal with no Joia?'. At least now I have something to get me through :)
And The $1.16 a litre would be a dream - it went down to a low of $1.25 around here and has been as high as $1.38 per litre - I saw the last tim eI was in the States in June that you guys were only around $0.98 a litre - WOW!!!!!
It's crazy when cheap gas is $1.20.

Anonymous said...

PTD, You did a great job on the blog and of course, you continue to crack me up! Loved the picture too! We miss your "Sonday" phone calls home. Now that Joia and Keenan aren't there (and you have all this time on your hands now), how 'bout a call? Oh, and it's okay to call even if it's not "Sonday"... :-)

I love and miss you so much, Mom (Jeff and Isaac too, of course)

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious, Phil! Posts like these make me miss you LOTS. Love you! Jessica BTW, I made $32 at CVS the other day, $20 tonight and my total ECBs are hovering around $176. How's that for some math??

Liz said...

$1.16 would be a dream i agree. it's 1.426 or something like that here on vancouver island. i was camping on saltspring island last month and it was around 1.63 per litre! matt sold his 'for fun' car and is buying a motorbike. thankfully, his business picks up the tab on the gas for the geek-mobile. me, i like walking :)