Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keenan makin' his move

Today the wifia lunch was at Jodi's house. She made some Amazing baked spaghetti, Sarah provided a tomato and cheese bread, Tiff brought some delicious crackers that she spiced herself, along with some great cheese, and I made another Clafouti! =)

Keenan and William had a great time playing together, and got quite rambunctious at times. I love how totally "boy" they are when they play together =)

They Love Jodi's Florida room and all the fun stuff to play with in there
(The pot Keenan has here unfortunately met it's demise shortly thereafter at his hand...) =0/

For some reason they both decided to stand on this small box
(shortly thereafter, they both took a tumble, frantically grabbing for help from each other on the way down! LOL!)

Sarah and Della arrived after Della's nap. It was great to see them again, since they've been gone to Colorado and we haven't seen them for about a month! The boys were a little shy around her at first, but warmed up pretty quickly and were Quite friendly...

A rose between two thorns

...William exits and Keenan moves in...

...they share a look...

...a snuggle...

...and a KISS!

"Here let me help you down!"
"Um, back off Dude, I'm quite capable of getting down on my own"

"That's what you get for moving in on Della when I left!"

One of the most exciting parts of the visit was when the kids spotted a lizard on the Inside of the living room window...

Keenan wasn't too sure about it...

We were very impressed with Jodi's lizard catching skills

The kids all wanted to get up close once it was confined! =)

After Keenan's nap, we headed on base to the Commissary to get some groceries. For the past month or so, they have had (for what purpose, I have no idea) a HUGE cow sitting outside, so I decided we should have our picture taken with it!

That's a lot of cow...
(Not sure why they couldn't have gone a Little more authentic and made the udder pinkish... and what's with the little white granny boots she's wearing? You'll have to zoom in to see what I'm talking about - Seriously, don't you see a resemblance to this?)

If this had a black heel, it'd be a perfect match

Next, we went to the splash park for a while before picking Philip up from work. Since Keenan was the only "baby" there at the time, he was quite the novelty with some of the older kids.

If only we had one of these at home!

This boy, Michael, and his two sisters really liked Keenan and all gave him hugs when they left!

At one point, he went over to the next bench and climbed up and sat there for a while by himself (Does he already think it's "uncool" to be seen with his mom in public??)


Anonymous said...

How cute! I can't believe you got what appears to be his first crush on camera! And then the bucket on his head! Like watching the Little Rascal's:) I really enjoyed blog-hopping over to your site, Joia and look forward to seeing you in August. It will be great having Keenan meet Grace and Nate (Wendi and John's niece and nephew)see you soon!
Mary-Wendi's MIL

Anonymous said...

those pictures are awesome, Joia! I love the one where the 2 boys are on the box "talking", and the ones with Della are priceless!!! He's turning into quite the little man.