Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Keenan and I

Keenan and I ran some errands this morning and then took Philip lunch at work. We actually got to visit with him for a while before he got called away.

Keenan helping Daddy write some notes

This afternoon, we filled up his "big pool" (his inflatable one that is larger and deeper) and he had a blast in it. It's the first time he's been in it since last summer when he was only a few months old.

Woohoo - space to splash!!

Gracefully exiting the pool =)

I Love this one... it's not cropped at all, that's how close he was to the camera! =)

This evening, we were on our way to take Philip dinner when he called and said he had five patients to see in the ER. We decided to go anyway, in hopes that he'd get a quick break to come out and get his food. After playing in the car for about 40 minutes while we waited, he was able to get away and we went in and hung out for a bit while he had his dinner.

Keenan making some important calls while Philip had dinner

On the way home, we stopped in at Brandon and Brittny's to drop of a shirt Keenan had borrowed. They had a bunch of people over so we went in to visit for a bit. Keenan got to play with Three other boys his age and I left with dinner and several movies (thanks to Brittny and Tiff), sweet deal! They're all so awesome! =)

Keenan is asleep and I am going to watch a movie and then head to bed.

Totally random note: Where did I find Keenan's rubber lizard the other day? In the toaster!


The Ramage Family said...

Was it still recognizable as a lizard?

Joia said...

Oh, it wasn't melted, it was just sitting in the toaster when I got it out of the drawer! =)

Mom W. said...

Oh wow, what happened, you missed a day again... Blogger not cooperating...?

Anonymous said...

I was wondeing if any one else noticed - everyone's ok right? Joia, you make me worried and I'm not even your mother!!!

Joia said...

Yes, everything is okay. =) We were just relaxing at home yesterday and didn't have much to blog, so I decided to not blog and help myself get used to the fact that there are going to be days ahead when I have to skip...
Thanks for your concern!

Anonymous said...

sorry Joia :( I didn't mean to pester - I suppose I can understand that once in a while you won't but my day just won't be the same :(