Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st


Yes, today is a big day of celebration in my home country, Canada. =) Here's some info, compliments of wikipedia about Canada Day:

Frequently referred to as "Canada's birthday", particularly in the popular press, the occasion marks the joining of the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a federation of four provinces (the Province of Canada being divided, in the process, into Ontario and Quebec) on July 1, 1867. However, though Canada is regarded as having become a kingdom in its own right on that date, the British Parliament at first kept limited rights of political control over the new country, which were shed by stages over the years until the last vestiges were ended in 1982, when the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution. Canada Day thus differs from Independence Day celebrations in other countries in that it does not commemorate a clear-cut date of complete independence.

Here's Keenan and I in our Canada shirts:

I am 100% purebred Canadian and Keenan is a dual citizen!


Anonymous said...

happy canada day! I was going to try to beat you to it lol

Steph said...

Hi Joia!!
Happy Canada Day to you too! Hope you have a great one! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day,Joia from sunny Ontario!

Mom W. said...

Of course you had to wear the Michigan hat so Philip wouldn't kick you out for the day???? = )

Where did Keenan get the cute shirt??? Love you all... Yay Canada!! (from another dual citizen) = )

Joia said...

Mom, the hat was actually just present to keep my hair from being too crazy (pre-shower).

The shirt Keenan is wearing is actually one that Philip and I bought for Isaac a few years ago! =0)

M om W. 'gin said...

Oh yeah, I remember the shirt now, I knew I should remember something about it. Of course I didn't really think Philip would kick you out, he seems to like Canadians pretty well.... = )

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think I learned more about the history of Canada from today's post than I ever did from history class! Happy July 1st!

Philip said...

I do love my Canadians! Actually I'm 1/8 Canadian myself (Great Grandma Devereaux was an immigrant to the US). That being said, I'm not too sure about Joia's math seeing as her Mom was 100% American at birth and in fact didn't become a Canadian citizen till after Joia was born.

Mom W. said...

Good point Philip, I was thinking about that too. I guess I am actually 100% African/American and THEN Canadian - hmmmm, so now what does that make Joia? Had to muddy the water some more.