Wednesday, July 2, 2008

If it makes you happy...

After our nap(s) this afternoon, Keenan and I were kinda bored, so I decided to let him have some fun "washing dishes" (aka playing with stuff in a sink full of soapy water). This equaled him and a large part of the kitchen being soaked, but it entertained him quite well for long time! =)

Getting started...

"Hey Mom, you should let me help you all the time!"

He was a huge fan of the bottle brush...

...and decided to try it out as a tooth brush

Video of Keenan doing dishes

...and since he was soaked anyway, I decided we should have some more "messy" fun...


Here's a couple random pictures from the past couple of days:

Our little linebacker

Biting my elbow
(Some of you might remember that I have incredibly "stretchy" skin)


Anonymous said...

I think Mommy had more fun with the whipped cream than Keenan did!! Too funny!

Flakymn said...

WOAH! Look at that skin. Holy cow!