Thursday, July 10, 2008

Housewife day in/Girl's Night Out! =)

Keenan and I spent part of the day getting the house totally clean. We did laundry, dishes, vaccuming and cleaned the bathrooms. When I was putting my laundry away, I was wondering to myself why my dresser Always seems to have clothes on top of it, and why our room seems to get messy so quickly? I decided it's because I have too many clothes. (I can hear Philip's gasp of surprise!)I packed a bunch up to give away, and decided to put a bunch of my wintery stuff in a box in the basement. It worked wonders! =)

This morning we went over and paid Frank and Myrtle a visit. Sometimes I think, if it wasn't for us stopping in to visit, those two would Never stop working!! Myrtle (who, I'll remind you, is 78) had just finished cutting the grass, after standing on a ladder and picking a bunch of figs off their tree!
We sat in the shade and had iced tea and peanut butter crackers. Mytle let me try some fresh, raw figs (picked yesterday), since I'd never had them raw before. They were amazing! They taste Nothing like dried figs! They also gave me a couple jars of their homemade fig preserves.... mmmm, as well as a couple more tomatoes! MMMMMM!!!

Fig preserves...great on toast

Fresh tomatoes... just GREAT

Tonight is our July book club outing. We are trying out a new restaurant for the first time so that should be fun, and it looks like it might be our biggest group yet! The book we read this month was My Sister's Keeper, an interesting read and very thought provoking.

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