Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A great day already

We are continuing to enjoy having Andrew here!

He and Keenan doing some stuff on the laptop in Andrew's room last night

I bought Keenan his first sidewalk chalk a few days ago and we tried it out last night...

He writes fairly well for his age, don't you think!

Decorating the carport

...and the wall along the driveway

It's only 10:00 in the morning, and today has been a great day already. =)

This morning, Keenan, Andrew and I went for a walk. We were trying to beat the heat, but at 7:30, it was already getting really hot out!

This (pretty), very friendly cat came over to say Hi

We stopped at the park so Andrew could try out the rock climbing wall. He didn't think the design was all that great, but he sure did a lot better on the hard side than I ever could!

The boys swinging

Going for a ride on the "spinny thing"

As we were getting ready to leave the park, I decided to cool off by letting the sprinklers "mist" me. It was quite refreshing, so I took Keenan over to do the same...

He had other things in mind...

Apparently he needed more cooling off than I did!

He is Soaked here... you can see the water running off his chin! =)

When we got home, Keenan got a quick bath, and then we had breakfast.
Myrtle stopped by for a quick visit and she brought along a bunch of gifts that her niece, Julie, had bought for Keenan. (I have only met Julie once, but she Loves to buy gifts, and has given Keenan things several times!) Look at this stuff!

A really fun wooden, three in one toy

Cool Nike outfit

Calvin Klein - I Love these shorts!

Cute little "Surf Dude" button down shirt

This onesie goes with the shirt above

Right now, Andrew is out digging up random stuff in the front yard that we don't want (how great is he??)
I took this picture out the window (through the screen) so it's a bit grainy

Keenan and I are getting the house tidied for the wifia brunch tomorrow and making some meals to freeze for Philip while we're gone.

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