Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good weekend so far

I haven't taken many pictures today. We've had a fairly "unstructured day". This morning we had waffles for breakfast, and then Andrew and I went and did a bit of shopping and picked up a movie. (We got Bella today, last night we watched The Great Debaters).
After lunch, we headed on base to the BX and Commissary and then were hoping to possibly rent a ski boat so Andrew could do some water skiing, but they were all out.
After Keenan's afternoon nap, we headed to Turkey Creek and floated down. Since it was later in the day, it was a bit cooler than it's been in the past, but was still really fun. Keenan really liked having Uncle Andrew along to entertain us all on the ride down the creek! =)

While I was getting something from the basement today, I decided to bring up my doll stroller for Keenan to play with. I can't believe I've had this for 20 years!!

He loved pushing it around the house!

I think he's a little big, but he actually got really good at climbing in here all by himself! I had to put a stop to that though, because I was afraid he was going to break it!

Here's Keenan in the stroller at my parent's house when he was two weeks old!


Mom E said...

LOL. I *finally* watched Bella once we arrived in OH. It was different but I really liked it, although it was slow starting because it had to set up the characters. LMK what you thought of it.

Anonymous said...

can you ever remmember that he was that little!!?!? That is so sweet. Love, Jessica