Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Entertaining Toddlers 101

I don't know what other people do to entertain their toddlers when they're at home for 12+ hours a day (we go places when we can, but the last few days we haven't had the car), but here are some of the things Keenan and I do when he gets bored. (And yes, clothes, other than a diaper, are over rated these days, depending on what we're doing)


Keenan LOVES to rip things, so I found a catalogue (one of those "gadget" ones that comes in the mail for the former owner), and we ripped up almost the entire thing, one page at a time!

Cheap fun

Putting all the pieces in the trash bucket

Learning to rip on his own

Dress Up

I had more options for him, but these are the few things Keenan would actually keep on for more than a second...

This is the cover picture for his new rap album, Drool, Drool Baby

... and this was the cover that didn't make the cut

He found the boa to be Very tickly!

I just thought this one was kind of cool


He really likes helping me cook or bake just about anything, so we decided to make some sugar cookies before Philip got home.

Gotta love a baby in an apron

Yes, I was a little nervous about him holding the egg!

Like any good baker, he had to try the dough to make sure it was good
(and LOVED it!)

"What? I have No idea where the rest of the dough went!"

He also helps clean up the mess!

"Are they done yet?"

Having Keenan around has certainly taught me a lot about what's really important... and I've decided that it's okay to sit down on the floor and color, or make a mess of the kitchen making cookies, even if the ironing isn't done or my bed isn't made, because I'm Joia, not Martha Stewart. That's all I have to say about that.

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Flakymn said...

Joia, I don't think you'll ever regret being on the floor or coloring. I think back at how clean I kept some of my past houses and now, someone else lives there and is probably trashing it! Honestly, everyone's house is messy sometimes and if they say it isn't THEY ARE LYING!