Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 is half gone

I just read somewhere the other day that midnight on July 1st is the half way point of the year. That had never occurred to me before! (This also means that there are 173 days left until Christmas!) =)

Obviously nothing too eventful has happened here today, since I'm blathering about Christmas...

I did discover that pencil crayons are a much better choice for Keenan than crayons, since he doesn't eat the pencils. He even figured out how to put them all back in the box!

"Mom, I'm sooo too old to have my picture taken wearing just a onesie!"

In other news, my oldest brother, Tim and his wife, Stephanie have joined the blogging world! Check out their lives at Woodford's Whereabouts.
With their move to Mexico quickly approaching, this is a Great time to have a blog! =)

Philip is on an inpatient Family Medicine rotation right now, and hasn't been home yet before 7:00. Usually it's more like 8 or later... =0/ He also has to work tomorrow which is a bummer, since he worked July 4th last year too. And then... he's on call on Saturday into Sunday. He's a really good trooper about it all, but I'm so glad there are brighter days ahead. =)

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Anonymous said...

happy 4th of july! have a greast day!