Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My cousin made me do it Mom

Two funny stories from Joia about Keenan today. Obviously he's feeling much better.

This morning at breakfast Joia was making some waffles for herself while Keenan was sitting in his chair eating Cheerios and milk. There was a cake sitting about a foot away from him and apparently when Joia looked back over he had managed to reach the cake with his little red baby spoon and get a piece, intact, into his bowl with the Cheerios and milk. He was chowing down and trying to get it finished before anyone could take it away. The even funnier part, apparently he didn't want anything to do with the cake last night when Joia offered it to him.

Later in the day Joia was downstairs with some of her siblings and after a little while realized that Keenan and Shaelyn (his cousin who is about a year older) were not in sight. She asked if anyone knew where they were and was told they were in the other room with Grandpa. Well Grandpa was in the other room, but no kids were to be found. At this point she heard some noise upstairs and raced up to find Shaelyn in the bathroom with the water running into the tub which was now half full. Keenan came around the corner dragging a full laundry basket toward the bathroom. Further inspection in the tub revealed, in addition to the water, a number of clothes, a few towels . . . and the remote control for the air conditioning unit. The punch line on this story? After Joia had gotten done ringing out a few of the towels, she was piling them on the edge of the tub as she rang them out, Keenan came toddling back in and pushed one of them back into the water.

Sorry, no random picture today, I need to get to bed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Shaken Berry-Pickers Report Sasquatch Sighting...

. . . in Ontario, Canada, Woods"

An excerpt from the story follows:
Those who believe in the infamous hairy giant say he could be roaming the woods from California, up the West Coast, and across Canada, the CBC reported. Skeptics say concrete evidence such as skulls or bones has never been found, and footprints or photographs could be altered.

Sily skeptics, of course no one has ever found skulls or bones, Sasquatch is still alive. Just read about it in this article. You know, sometimes they just make it too easy.

For those of you who may have thought, "Egads, Joia and Keenan are also in the woods of Ontario, Canada. They could be in grave danger," do not fear, Bigfoot is a long way away from them (approximately 1800 kilometers, see map below). You can get the full story here or the abreviated version here if the link to the full version is not working.

Point A is approx where Sasquatch was last seen, point B is
approx where Joia and Keenan are at with the family.

Thanks to Dr. Ramage for inspiring this post. The poor guy found out today that Quebec is double the size of Texas. Ouch.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting Hot in the Frozen North

So everyone made it safely to the family vacation in Ontario. They've been having a great time together in a beautiful place. Of course, pictures of that will have to wait until they get back since this beautiful place does not have internet access to distract you from it's beauty and get in the way of rare time that the whole family, minus me, is together in one place.

When he first arrived Keenan was a little shy around everyone other than Joia and Andrew. But yesterday he warmed up and had a great time playing with his cousins. Grandpa took him out for a canoe ride and I'm told he just generally was bathing in all of this new attention.

Today, he warmed up even more . . . too much. The poor little guy has had a fever to 102 and has just been miserable. He hasn't been eating very well and just isn't happy unless Joia is holding him. Andrew had about a day and a half while he was here with fevers and chills but no other symptoms that just resolved on it's own. Please pray that Keenan gets better very soon and that no one else comes down anything.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Return of the Math Monster

I hope no one goes into Joia withdrawal over the next week but this blog is going to be a lot less exciting for a few days while she and Keenan are playing in the frozen north of Ontario. Okay, it's not really frozen all the time, well at least not the part where they're going. They started traveling very early this morning and all four flights (Joia and Keenan were on Northwest and Andrew was on Delta) were on time (a miracle for sure if you've flown Northwest through Memphis or Delta through Atlanta). Andrew had claimed the bags by the time J&K cleared security. They picked up the rental car, which Joia said was quite roomy for a compact, and off they went, for about 2 miles.

After a quick phone call back to Florida to figure out where they had made a wrong turn they were directed to I-94 and from there it should have been a pretty straight forward 7+ hr drive into Detroit, across the bridge or tunnel to Windsor, and up the 401 all the way to Toronto before heading almost straight north. I just gave the cottage a call and they said Andrew had called about two hours before saying they were about two hours out, so I hope to get a call soon saying they have safely arrived.

Just to try and make things a little more interesting I'll try and post a little something that I'm interested in also. So for today we'll talk about gas prices. For those of you not as familiar with Canada, the speed limits are higher, 100 on provincial highways. Knowing Joia she was probably doing 110 or 115 . . . km/hr that is. While their speed limits are deceptively higher, their gas prices are deceptively lower. Most gas stations have their prices posted at about $1.164 to $1.418 according to the GasBuddy site for Ontario. The downside is that this is per liter (or litre if you really want to be Canadian aboot it) not per gallon and in Canadian Dollars (CAD) not U.S. Dollars (USD). With an exchange rate and the fact that a liter is larger than a quart (4 quarts to a U.S. gallon) that works out to about somewhere between $4.50 and $5.50 USD per U.S. gallon. This can be summed up in the formula below.

$USD per U.S. gal = [$CAD per litre] X 3.7853285 X [Value of CAD in USD]

Thanks to for the formula and easy reference conversion table as well as to Yahoo Finance for the exchange rate so that I didn't have to think very much while tired.

And what would be a Joia blog entry without at least one picture . . .

This is a gas price "temperature map." Red means high prices, green means low prices, yellow and orange are in between. On you can zoom in all the way down to the county level, or even zip code in some parts of the U.S. to see where the good deals are.

I'm on call tomorow, but will try to give an update on Monday after I hear how things are going.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Last blog (at least from me) for a while...

Keenan, Andrew and I are heading out early in the morning. Unfortunately we aren't on the same flight, but will get to Detroit within and hour and a half of each other. From there, we'll rent a car and and make the six or seven hour drive to Minden, Ontario where we're staying at a cottage for a week with the rest of my family. It will be a long day of travel!

Keenan trying on Andrew's hat while he made some Skype calls

Banana muffins with a crunchy nut topping that I made to use up some overripe bananas

Keenan "helping" Uncle Andrew eat his muffin

"Keenan style"

Being silly before dinner

Meat lovers pizza

Our last dinner of Andrew's visit

Philip and Keenan listening to music and doing the "I'm Gonna Miss You" dance together

Getting in some pre trip tickling

Since there isn't internet access at the cottage (as far as I know), I won't be back online until next Friday night at the earliest. Philip Might post something on here at some point, but has made no promises. Hope you all have a great week, I know we will! =)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New dessert, new friends

Our visit with Andrew is winding down. Unfortunately he hasn't been feeling super well lately and has been spending a lot of time in bed. =0/

Tomorrow will be spent mainly getting Keenan and I packed for our trip. With the one bag limit, it will be interesting if I can actually fit all the things we both need into one bag!

We had guests over for dinner tonight, so I tried a new dessert that my sister in law, Steph, just told me about yesterday. It was really good!

No Bake Peanut Butter Toblerone Cheesecake
(I'll try to post the recipe on the dessert blog tomorrow)

Our new friends Brock and Chastidy (from a few blocks over), and their daughter, Brooklyn came over for lasagna tonight. Chastidy is part of the women's Bible study group I'm part of, and we actually just met Brock for the first time on July 4th. He works at Eglin as well. We were both saying after they left that we wish we had gotten to know them better sooner, because they are moving in a few weeks to a base in Ohio! =0/

Brock, Chastidy and Brooklyn

Keenan giving Brooklyn a hug

...and a kiss! (Uh oh, what will Della say??)

Showing her how to hammer on the toy

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mmmm... Fresh cinnamon buns

The wifia brunch was here today. Only Wendi (and Isaac of course) and Jodi could make it, but we had a great time! Wendi brought fruit, and Jodi made some awesome scrambled eggs. Andrew and I made cinnamon buns, and they were sooo good! Andrew did most of the work, and he is quite well known for these!

Wearing my apron (like a dress) last night

The result of my craving for something sweet last night

Andrew making the dough last night for the cinnamon buns

Keenan learning how it's done

Rolling it up


Putting them on baking sheets

After they've risen... ready to bake

Fresh out of the oven and glazed - YUM!

Our group for the day
(Isn't Isaac getting big?)

During the (much needed) thunderstorm this afternoon, we all took naps. We're going to spend the evening at home, eating stew and watching a movie.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A great day already

We are continuing to enjoy having Andrew here!

He and Keenan doing some stuff on the laptop in Andrew's room last night

I bought Keenan his first sidewalk chalk a few days ago and we tried it out last night...

He writes fairly well for his age, don't you think!

Decorating the carport

...and the wall along the driveway

It's only 10:00 in the morning, and today has been a great day already. =)

This morning, Keenan, Andrew and I went for a walk. We were trying to beat the heat, but at 7:30, it was already getting really hot out!

This (pretty), very friendly cat came over to say Hi

We stopped at the park so Andrew could try out the rock climbing wall. He didn't think the design was all that great, but he sure did a lot better on the hard side than I ever could!

The boys swinging

Going for a ride on the "spinny thing"

As we were getting ready to leave the park, I decided to cool off by letting the sprinklers "mist" me. It was quite refreshing, so I took Keenan over to do the same...

He had other things in mind...

Apparently he needed more cooling off than I did!

He is Soaked here... you can see the water running off his chin! =)

When we got home, Keenan got a quick bath, and then we had breakfast.
Myrtle stopped by for a quick visit and she brought along a bunch of gifts that her niece, Julie, had bought for Keenan. (I have only met Julie once, but she Loves to buy gifts, and has given Keenan things several times!) Look at this stuff!

A really fun wooden, three in one toy

Cool Nike outfit

Calvin Klein - I Love these shorts!

Cute little "Surf Dude" button down shirt

This onesie goes with the shirt above

Right now, Andrew is out digging up random stuff in the front yard that we don't want (how great is he??)
I took this picture out the window (through the screen) so it's a bit grainy

Keenan and I are getting the house tidied for the wifia brunch tomorrow and making some meals to freeze for Philip while we're gone.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Three beaches in one hour...

This morning when I took Philip in to work, I headed to the lab to do my one hour glucose test. Yum! Andrew watched Keenan at home for me, gave him breakfast, changed a (poopy!) diaper, and even had him take a nap! WOW! Check out his blog for the whole story! =)
When I got home, we packed a lunch and headed to Destin. I needed a couple things at Old Time Pottery, and we got a few things at Wal-Mart as well. Then we headed to the Air Force beach on Okaloosa Island. Unfortunately, when I had Andrew go check on the water conditions (I didn't want to go in if it was going to be filled with algea like it was on the 4th), he said that yes, it was pretty bad. Bummer! We stayed and had our lunch in the pavilion anyway.

Me (and tiny), Keenan and Andrew having lunch

After lunch, we decided to head over to the bay side and see if the beach conditions were any better. We saw lots of signs on 98 saying that we couldn't park on the paved shoulder, so we pulled off into the sand (like we had seen lots of others do). We immediately got stuck! Fortunately, it wasn't too bad and Andrew was able to push us out.

We went a little further up, where the sand wasn't so deep, Andrew checked the water (which was great), and headed to the beach with our stuff while I put sunscreen on Keenan. At this point, a Sherrif's deputy came along and told us that we couldn't park there at All, or we'd get a ticket if a cop came along! Poor Andrew packed our stuff back up, and we drove a little further to where the Sheriff had said there was a place with parking and bathrooms. It was perfect! The water was as clear as can be, no waves, and Keenan could play much more safely without me constantly being afraid he'd get washed away! I may Never go back to the Gulf side again! =)

Keenan playing in the sand

...and tasting it

I put one of the chairs in the water and it was sooo comfy and relaxing!

The boys after getting each other muddy =)

Here's a short video of a hermit crab!

Keenan taking a gulp of sand and salt water - yuck!

We stayed for about an hour and a half and then packed up and went to Sonic for happy hour drinks on the way home.

Last night Andrew and I played several games of Uno Stacko (for those of you who don't know... it's a combination of Jenga and Uno - very fun!) We got better each time we played and ended up working on our Ninth new layer!

With one of our first towers

Andrew taking a turn on the precariously teetering eighth layer

Look at it leaning!

Here's video of a few tense moments on our tallest one yet!