Saturday, June 14, 2008

Party, party, party...

Philip is unfortunately on call all day in Pensacola, but Keenan and I went to William's second birthday party this morning. It was lots of fun! It was a pirate theme, and Tiffany and her friend, Kelly, did a great job with decorations, cakes and favors!

Keenan with the Captain William the birthday boy

How amazing is this cake??

...and this one!!

(Despite the variety of food, Keenan ate nothing but chips and cake!)

William with his cake (he blew the candle out so fast I didn't even catch the flame!)

The coolest gift (in everyone's opinion) from William's grandparents

Keenan trying the bike out
We figured maybe some of the little boys could have their own neighborhood biker gang... which reminded me of the biker comedy Wild Hogs. The little boys could call their gang the "Wild Piglets". =)

We're home now for a few hours and will be heading out again soon. We're riding with Cliff and Jodi to the "Real Truth Party" in Navarre this evening. The purpose of this is so that the chief residents, and the "soon to be second year residents" (Philip and his class) can give helpful advice and tips to the new interns to make their year go as smoothly as possible. Philip will be able to take a break from his shift to come to the party for a bit, and then Keenan and I will go back to Pensacola with him and stay in a hotel for the night while he finishes his shift. That way I'll be the one driving home in the morning, and not Philip when he's severely sleep deprived.

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Anonymous said...

I Love it!!! the Pirate theme is awesome!