Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waffle brunch

Today we had the brunch here and I made waffles. Jodi brought strawberries and cool whip to top them with, as well as several great fruit juices, Tiffany made a delicious fruit salad (and Keenan decided he Loves blueberries), and Andrea brought her amazing banana bread!


Our hydrangea bush is exploding once again, so I picked some for the occasion
(I just recently found out that the color of hydrangeas is determined by the soil they're planted in and the the pH level... interesting fact)

I've totally waited too long to do this (because I was dreading the mess), but last night we decided to let Keenan start using his own spoon. It hasn't gone too badly so far... here's him at breakfast this morning:

Here's a couple silly pictures of Keenan while we wait for Philip to get home tonight. He's wearing only his diaper so that he can go in the bath as soon as Philip gets here. If there is very much of a delay between his bath and when he goes to bed, he doesn't settle very well.

He Loves beads!

This is his funny "blinking" face that he does sometimes =)


Mom E said...

Jeff, Isaac and I watched the video and we all agreed that this didn't even look like Keenan for some reason. He did really great with the spoon I thought.

We are getting so excited to come and visit you and see everyone in person. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Mom e. I thought the same thing - he looks so grown up (you know for a 1 year old).