Sunday, June 15, 2008

Real Truth Party and Our Night in Pensacola

(I added the rest of the pictures to yesterday's post)

The real truth party at Sean and Johanna's last night was a lot of fun. They have a beautiful home and back yard, and there was a ton of people and a ton of good food! It was cool meeting all of the new interns and their spouses and kids. They seem like a great bunch! =)

I hadn't gone prepared to swim, but Keenan was either going to fall or jump into the pool anyway, so Johanna offered to take him for me. Thanks Johanna! =)

He had a blast!!

Some of the back yard

Philip, (and the new Philip to his left) with Eric and Cliff
(Since Philip only had a couple hours, he didn't bother changing out of his scrubs, but got a lot of ribbing about wearing a "costume" to the party and how original it was that he came dressed as a doctor!) =0)

One of the new intern wives and adorable son (love his hair!)

Keenan at the little kids table (with more chips!!) He did actually eat some fruit and veggies at this party, though

The food... rice with various toppings to make a dish called "Hawaiian Haystacks", Hawaiian chicken wings, beans and rice, pork and fruit

We left the party at about 8:00 and headed to Pensacola. I have never checked into a hotel by myself before, and never stayed alone with Keenan. Philip took us by the hotel and ran our stuff up to the room before we dropped him off at Sacred Heart for the night. Keenan and I went back and settled in (and his formerly sleepy self totally woke up in these fun new surroundings). He had a great time, playing with the phone, opening and closing the microwave (which was at the perfect height for him), playing with the nobs on the air conditioner and even got a couple splashes in the toilet (yuck!) before I shut the bathroom door.

We finally got ready for bed and the lights out at around 10:30, but due to him being so overtired, the strange room, and a loud storm, it was 1:00 by the time we both got to sleep for the night.

Our room

We had a pretty good morning while we waited for Philip to be done. I showered, gave Keenan a bath, we had breakfast, watched some of The Wedding Planner, bounced on the bed and then packed our stuff up.
Keenan having his bath (playing with his toys from William's party yesterday)

While I was getting ready, Keenan dumped his goldfish all over the bed

Funniest thing that happened while we were there? Keenan was standing beside the bed and I was feeding him yogurt for breakfast while he played with the alarm clock. All of a sudden, he picked the clock up and planted a yogurty kiss right on the front of it! =)

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