Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pics from Pensacola

We're back home now. Last night was 100% better - Keenan slept for 11.5 hours, with two brief drink breaks. I very much appreciated the extra rest myself. =)

Here's some pictures from the last couple of days:

Our little future disc golfer

Big smile for Daddy

The three (four) of us

Keenan taking a break from all the walking

Since this was the new baby's first time disc golfing, we decided to get a picture of me with the "kids" by one of the goals =)

Keenan driving a truck at the mall

I usually just let Keenan play on the rides, since he doesn't know any different. That way, it doesn't cost me anything, and he doesn't expect a ride every time. However, an older man that was walking at the mall came by and gave me a dollar and wanted me to let Keenan ride, so... here's his first ride:

"Hey man, there's something in your ear!"

Helicopter pilot

"THIS is more like it, Mom!"
(He was delighted when he saw these "real life" lawn tractors sitting outside of Sears!)


Anonymous said...

Joia!! I have to tell you how much I love the video of you on Wendi's blog. She sent it to me a couple days ago and I watch it every day. It just makes me smile!
You are an awesome friend to her. How fun you can walk thru this together now! How great is our God? (Wendi's mom)

Joia said...

Lady Di! So good to hear from you, congratulations Again, Grandma! =) Glad you enjoyed the video (I really do feel pretty silly about it...)