Monday, June 9, 2008

Mish mash...

First of all, I want to say a huge thanks to all of you who have shared congratulations with us on the news of our new baby! It's so nice to have so many wonderful people supporting us. =)

Here are a couple pictures I haven't posted yet from this past week.

Since I had no kid of my own at John and Wendi's BBQ, I was able to get my fill of "baby holding" with Isaac. I'm soo ready for a tiny little bundle like this again.. =)

What a sweet baby

He eventually fell asleep on my chest... so sweet!

Here's one of the videos Philip did of Keenan while they were gone... Keenan chasing Snickers around the couch at Aunt Mary's


Flakymn said...

Cute video! Cute dog's name! :)

Anonymous said...

At one point, I wondered who was chasing who? Too funny! Oh, and every time I see the name Isaac, I keep thinking you're talking about your lil' bros.-in-law! lol.

Love, Mom E