Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today we had our regular wifia lunch at McDonald's for a change. We did all see each other just yesterday, but it wasn't the same, since we were with a ton of other people. Since our usual "Wednesday timeslot" was still open, a few of us decided to get together anyway. Since we didn't want to make food two days in a row, we decided to go out. None of us frequent McDonald's on a regular basis (just want to make that clear), and it was William, Keenan and Isaac's first time ever, but it was close, easy, and had a play place for the boys.

The big boys

...and the little boy

Wendi, William, Keenan, Jodi, Isaac and Tiffany

Me with baby Isaac and my two babies =)

Today (more for fun that necessity) I wore my first maternity shirt. It's one of my favorites from a shopping trip with my MIL last time I was pregnant =)
(Looking at it now, this picture makes me look really fat... maybe it was the Big Mac...)

This is what's on the front (it doesn't really show here, but the rhinestones are blue and pink)


Mom w said...

I made the comment on the other one because of what you said on this one about your shirt...

Keenan's hair looks really curly in the pic with you and the 3 younguns... Curly like Philip's?

Joia said...

Yes, Keenan's hair is starting to get quite curly - I'm so excited! =)

Amy T. S. said...

Now that I've seen the amazing "Joia responds" video I feel like I know you. My moms and I ate at McDonalds' today, too. The playscape is a wonderful invention.

The MIL said...

I looked at the picture and thought about how great you looked; I didn't 'see fat'. Can't wait 2 C U in person and meet my new grandchild to be & play with Keenan too.

Love, your MIL :-)

Flakymn said...

Joia, I totally forgot about this day!