Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lunch at the Splash Park

Today the wifia got together with most of the new intern's wives and their kids at the splash park on base. I think we were hoping to have the chance to talk more about specifics of the program and the area, etc... but we all proved to be pretty busy chasing our kids around.
Jodi did a great job of compiling information from a bunch of us and had it printed out to give to the wives, so hopefully that will be helpful.

We Did all have a great time, and it was nice to finally meet Everyone all together and get reacquainted with the ones we'd already met.

One of the most fun parts, was getting to see/hear Wendi tell more people about her pregnancy! =) It was so funny when several people asked how old Isaac was, and then looked at her and said, "Wow, you so don't look like you just had a baby!" and she'd say, "Well, actually I didn't, but...I a Am pregnant now!!" LOL! Good stuff...

I wish we could have stayed longer, but Keenan was up fairly early this morning and was in desperate need of a nap, and it was sooo hot out, we just decided to come home.

(I wish I had taken more pictures, but just didn't find the time...)

Keenan, looking sleepy shortly after the party started =)

Some of the wives and kids

Food made the cranky, sleepy boy feel better =)

The "dirt cake" dessert Keenan and I made

Jodi with (a very warm) little Isaac

More girls and kiddos

This morning before the lunch, I dropped Keenan off to play with William at Tiffany's, while I went to an OB orientation at the hospital. It took about an hour and a half and consisted of several speakers and Lots of paperwork! Since I've already had one baby, a lot of it was not new to me, but it was still pretty interesting for the most part and I got some cool free stuff. I also learned that Eglin delivers 35 to 40% of the babies in Okaloosa County!!

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