Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little boy and a big boy

This afternoon Keenan and I went and visited with Wendi and Isaac for a bit, since they're headed out of town tomorrow until next Wednesday! I got to give Isaac his bottle, since we showed up at the perfect time. =) During this time, Scrubs alternated between trying to lick Isaac and trying to lick Keenan... pretty funny. =) Keenan did pretty well with me holding Isaac almost the whole time, and even came over and gave him a couple "pats" on the back when I was burping him. Hopefully he'll like the idea of having one of those in our own home in a few months! =)

Here's Isaac snoozing in his swing before he woke up to eat:

I can't get over how tiny he still is!

After our visit, we went to the splash park and then bought groceries before heading home. It proved to be quite the tiring afternoon for my little man...

The phone woke him up from his nap before he was ready, and then we snuggled on the couch... and he fell back asleep on my chest for half an hour! He used to do this quite often, but not for months now, so it was very sweet. When we woke up, I had a perfect little ear mark on my chest. =)

Keenan is even more excited these days when Philip gets home from work (I think he made some sort of connection with Philip on their trip that has stuck), and he Loves for Philip to chase him around and wrestle with him. It's so precious. =)

Here's yet another video from the boy's trip away... (Keenan on the moving sidewalk at the airport, trying to figure out why his hand won't stay in the same place!)

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Anonymous said...

What a great laugh he has! It made me laugh to hear him. I love you, Keenan. Gr'ma E.