Monday, June 23, 2008

Life with Keenan

Still on cloud nine over Wendi's news... =)

Here's what's been going on with us:

Yesterday afternoon Philip played ultimate frisbee with some of his coworkers on base. Keenan and I went and watched for the last part (after Keenan got up from his nap). We nearly got carried away by ants before they finished!!

In the evening, we had DQ while watching The Bucket List. We both really liked it!

Today Keenan helped me mix up a yummy dessert for the "Wifia Enlightens the New Intern Wives" lunch tomorrow. Don't you love his little apron?? =)

The ingredients here? Vanilla pudding, Cool Whip, and Cream Cheese!

"Eww... I got some on my hand!"

During our dessert making time, Keenan fell off the chair, taking a glass serving bowl with him (which shattered Everywhere). Fortunately he was more scared than hurt. I sat him on a chair while I cleaned up all the glass, but he kept wanting to get down, and finally scootched himself off the edge - nearly falling in my pile of glass! =0/


Anonymous said...

Hey abuot the movie ... I watched it last night too and was thinking ' I should let Joia know about this movie' weird ...
Close call with K-dizzle (ok it just sounds like a name Nathan would give him... we're spending too much time in this apartment together :)

Mom W. said...

What is the rating on that movie?? Always looking for good ones...

Wow, are Laura and Nathan already moved???

mom-e said...

We just watched the Bucket List last weekend and we really liked it too. We rented (but haven't yet watched) one called, "Bella". I got it after reading that it was on Dr. Dobson's favorite movies list.

The dessert looked SO good! We may just have to "fall off the wagon" while we are at your house just to try one of your creations! lol.