Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Beans" and Bugs

Keenan and I went to visit Frank and Myrtle this morning. They were out on the back veranda, so we stopped to visit and chat while they worked. They had bins and bins of these...

Okay, honestly, how many of you (like me) thought these were beans?
They're not, they're "zipper peas"!

I sat down, got myself a bowl and decided to help shell some. I'm not Nearly as fast as they are (and a certain little boy kept eating mine), but I think I was able to be of some help anyway...

Frank got to talking about when he and Myrtle were younger. Apparently she was quite the "looker" and he said she could have won beauty contests. Myrtle said, "Oh, go on, I was not, everybody just needed glasses". She then said, with a smirk, "I used to turn heads... now I turn stomachs!!" LOL! That's funny, but definitely not true, she's still a very nice looking woman at 78!

We definitely need to get a bug guy over here. Last night in the middle of the night I found a cockroach (The most disgusting thing on the entire planet in my opinion) in the bathroom. This has happened several times over the past month and always Totally freaks me out! I actually woke Philip up to come get it for me. He's so good to me. =)

Today, while Keenan and I were standing in the kitchen (and I was on the phone with Philip), a cockroach came running across the floor! What did I do? First I screamed in Philip's ear, then... I left my child standing where he was (he hadn't seen it yet), and I pulled myself up onto the kitchen counter!! I know, I'm a terrible person!!! Since Philip couldn't come home from Pensacola to kill the stupid thing for me, I got down and went to find a fly swatter while trying to keep an eye on the roach and Keenan (who was now totally interested in it). During this time I accidentally hung up on Philip (who later said, "I heard you scream something about a cockroach and then the line went dead and I was hoping it wasn't the giant cockroach from Men in Black and he'd eaten you whole!") After chasing him around the kitchen a few times, I did manage to swat the heck out of the nasty thing and flush him down the toilet. At this point, Keenan was copying (and totally mocking) the fast breathing that I had started when my pulse shot through the roof when I first saw him. Big help he is! =)


auntmary said...

In FL they call them "Palmetto bugs". They looked like roaches to me!!! No matter, they are ugly, nasty, and I screamed every time I saw one at A/N's place when she lived on Patrick in Merrit Is. I will never forget one time when I was using the lower level "facilities" I could hear one behind her wallpaper making 'eating noises' (probably sniffing the glue!?!) I could not get off the pot fast enuf and was pulling my pants up while leaping/running as fast as I could. The only way one could kill those huge blackish-brownish hideous things was with a hard shoe. Fly swatters did nothing. They laughed at it and kept on trucking - and they are FAST. They like to harbor in coffee cups, so keep yours all turned upside down on your shelf. They like paper products and "used plastic bags" so don't save them.

Flakymn said...

I'm surprised you have made it this long without a bug guy. Roaches are THE WORST! I would honestly rather see a mouse or a snake. Bryant Pest Control is great -- they are $60 every 3 months but TOTALLY worth it. The week I start seeing them again is the week that he comes back!!!

Joia said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Wendi! That's one of the two places we were thinking of calling!

Jen said...

I totally expected pictures from you! Surely you had your camera nearby. (I'm!)

I second the recommendation for Bryan Pest Control. They're great. You just can't live in Florida without a bug man!

Flakymn said...

I think we heard of Bryant on Christian Radio. Best money we spend hands down. I think I'd pay $1000!

Mom E said...

Ummm, can you get Bryant out there before we arrive? LOL. I know what A/M is talking about A/N's house on Patrick....we'd come down in the middle of the night to get a glass of water in the kitchen, and as soon as you turned on the light, you'd hear their little shells clicking on the floor trying to get away from the light. We used to have a shoe in one hand, and turn on the light with the other and then you'd hear, click, scatter,, scatter, SWAT...It was hysterical.

That is also why I don't use, or store, the brown paper bags from the grocery store...they LOVE them..and now I know why all my coffee cups (and glasses) are upside down in my cupboard...I must've learned it from my sister, Nancy, when I lived with her. Too funny.

And not to ruin your day or night or whenever you'll be reading this, but if the roaches are so bold to come out in the middle of the day while you and Keenan are actually there, then the bad news is, you must have a lot of them already somewhere in your house...I suspect the 'basement'?

Ugh! I gotta talk about something else...roaches give me the creeps!

Love ya', Mom

Liz said...

ever seen the movie 'joe's apartment'? the cockroaches do musical numbers! it is hilarious!

my room at work is in the basement of the part of the school that was built nearly 100 years ago. not so many cockroaches on the west coast but the silverfish (not a fish at all!) are just as nasty and are the only bug i will, with malicious forethought, kill outright.