Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Philip, Bruce Dad, Dan Dad, Jeff Dad and all the other dads who read this blog!! =)

Philip's Father's day hasn't been that special, really, since we drove home from Pensacola this morning, and then he needed to catch up on sleep for the first part of the day.   Keenan and I made him a Father's Day gift on Shutterfly.   Click here to view it.  (Choose the full screen option to see it larger).

We did go out this afternoon and pick up a movie and Blizzards... so that was something fun.

Here's another video of our giggle monster... =)


I have No idea how he was sleeping, but when we got Keenan up from his nap today, he had a handprint on his leg!


Anonymous said...

Joia, I LOVE the scrapbook you made Philip. VERY well done:)
Love you,

Mom W. said...

Yes, it is REALLY Good Joia, well done, I am sure Philip was impressed too. A hand print on his leg, that is hilarious! Maybe it is really God's handprint holding him while he slept... Love you all and a belated Happy Father's Day from me Philip...

Mom W. said...

PS, did you write the poem about the boots too? Both poems really good...

Joia said...

Thanks Rebekah and Mom!
Mom, no the boots poem isn't mine... it didn't have a name with it.

auntmary said...

Great job Joia!!! (Did daddy cry?)
Denise told me you were doing this. Don't you love S/F?

Anonymous said...

The photo album is amazing! The poem was awesome too. Is there no limit or end to your creativity?! Thanks for remembering Dad Jeff too.:-) U R always so sweet to remember him.
Love, Mom E.