Friday, June 27, 2008

Graduation Banquet

We had a Wonderful, kid free, fun evening last night!! After dropping Keenan off (where we Knew he'd have a blast with Christopher and William), we headed over to the O Club for social hour before the banquet started. It was awesome to be able to mingle and chat, and just be ourselves without our little guy to watch out for. I did miss him, but we had a Great time!

This picture is before we left the house... I knew the rain was going to steal my curls!

Me and Isaac

The food was amazing, and yes, I ate all of this (and a little more!)

The tables were big, so were able to sit with most of our favorite people. Here's everyone that was at our table:

Matt and Tiff


Andrea and Erik

Jodi and Cliff

Rob's wife (Sarah) is in Colorado, so he cuddled up to Philip

Wendi, Kacey and Isaac

...and with John (he arrived late because he was delivering a baby!)

Philip and Kacey were both selected for the Internal Medicine Intern(s) of the Year Award!

Tiffany seems to be catching the baby bug... hmmm...

Isaac and his Mom =)

I think we all clean up pretty well! =)
(l-r) Jodi, Johanna, Me, Tiff, Wendi, Andrea, Kacey and Robin

Me with my favorite guy again

After dinner, they presented a bunch of awards, and then each class (as well as the staff), showed videos they had done of the past year. They were all sooo hilarious!! Matt and John were in charge of the video for our class and did an Amazing job (full of continuous laughs)! I had no idea our husbands worked with so many funny people! =)

When we went to pick up Keenan (after nine), he was still running around having a grand old time, and hardly seemed to care that we were there! He, William and Christopher had had a great four hours together, eating, playing, getting filthy and then having a bath together! (Brandon and Brittney gave us a picture of that which I'll scan and post later).


Anonymous said...

wow you guys all look great!! congratulations philip!

Anonymous said...

Joia! I'm so glad you keep up on the stuff going on there.(I know Wen will post later but I was so happy to see that JB made it. You looked wonderful!! I loved that pic of Isaac looking up at his mommy. Tiffany looked cute with him too. (hmmmm is right) Any chance that video can go on u-tube or something? I follow your blog daily. Thank you!! Gramma Di