Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First day on my own

The day started off early, with us leaving the house shortly before 5:00. At the airport, I was able to get a pass (thankfully) to go through security and wait at the gate with Philip and Keenan before their flight. I don't think Keenan really knew what was going on, but gave me a kiss, and then I watched as they walked down the ramp to the plane. Once they turned and walked out of sight, I started bawling, and cried all the way out to the car... =0/ Philip called me a couple minutes later to let me know that Keenan was doing fine, and I said, "I'm not!"

However, once I got home and went back to bed (until after nine), I felt Much better! Philip called to let me know that they had got to Memphis okay and were getting ready to board their next flight. I then leisurely got ready and headed over to Wendi's house for the girl's lunch. It was soo nice to just be able to visit and hold baby Isaac, without chasing Keenan everywhere! (Wendi took pity on me and loaned me her camera for a couple days, so I actually have pictures!) =)

I think Della and William felt bad for me, being alone, so they came and snuggled with me =)

Tiffany with William and Isaac

Philip and Keenan made it safely to Detroit, and it sounded like they were both having a good day together so far. =)

After lunch, Jodi and I stopped at Tropical Smoothie and then headed for the beach! I was sooo excited to be able to go to the beach and just be able to sit or lay in the sun without worrying about anyone else, and to be able to go in the water and swim, without making sure a little person didn't go too deep! Such bliss! =)

Jodi chillin'


I will forever after this be a beach snob, I'm sure, since not many places have anything this beautiful

We had a great time for several hours, sunbathing, chatting, swimming, and walking along the beach. I even found an intact sand dollar (not much bigger than a quarter)!

I'm home now (obviously, since I'm blogging), just had a great talk on the phone with Laura, and am soon headed for the shower and bed after I get an update on my boys. G'night!

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