Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day on the water (lots of pics!)

Philip rented a boat on base this morning and then drove it over to a small park near our house where the rest of us got on board!

Mom, Isaac and Jeff

Capt. Dooley

Keenan and I

Keenan helping Philip drive

The three of us

Cute windblown look

We saw a dolphin but he was too quick for me

Before hitting the water at Crab Island

Checking out the water

In the captain's chair

"World's Strongest Man" pulling the boat =)

Keenan's first Twizzler

It got pretty stormy and choppy, so we had lunch and waited it out for a while at Crab Island before heading back out to do some tubing.

Mom and Isaac trying to keep warm
Keenan bundled up eating grapes

Enjoying the fun "trampoline"

Jeff was the first one to brave the rough water on the tube

Next Isaac jumped on

...and loved it!

Keenan getting sleepy with Grandma

Keenan and I heading out for our turn on the tube

All ready

(Keenan loved it! There's video also that I will post later)

Coming back in

Mom decided to try it too
(aren't they cute?)

Philip giving them a wild ride!


Anonymous said...

hehe i love Keenans face on the boat where his hair i blowing...too cute! you guy look like your having a great time! hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Jeff's face is HILARIOUS on the last pic. I am proud of mom being brave on the tube! Those skinny people! Love, Jessica