Saturday, June 7, 2008

The boys are home!

After a long day of travel made longer by an extra few hours in Memphis last night (making their layover almost six hours long), my two (very tired boys) arrived safely home at about 11:15. Keenan was the most tired I have Ever seen him. After being with him for three days, Keenan was still pretty attached to Philip last night, but that was okay. He's come around today. =) Here's a few pictures from their trip. (Philip did an excellent job, taking pictures and video for me!)

Keenan playing with the tray table while they waited to leave in the morning

Taking a snooze on the first flight

"Do we get to fly on this one next, Daddy?"

Angela playing with Keenan while they waited for Jessica's flight to get into Detroit

Philip, Jessica, Keenan and Hudson at the funeral

Keenan with our wonderful friends in Michigan, Melissa and Anthony

What happened here? Well.... Philip bent over to pick Keenan up at the playround and his suit pants ripped out! Fortunately, he had brought casual clothes along to change into... but had forgotten casual shoes! LOL!

Keenan with Philip's cousin (and goddaughter), Emma
He apparently LOVED her!

Let's Go Red Wings!

Philip and Keenan (with the Red Wings parade on TV in the background)

Back at the airport...
Philip said as soon as they stepped onto the Tram, Keenan grabbed the bar, just like an old pro!

A cute self portrait of my two dudes on the way home

During their looong layover in Memphis, Philip had spent 45 minutes getting Keenan to sleep down a quiet hallway. Five minutes later, some kids ran down the hall screaming and woke him up. =(


Anonymous said...

those pictures are way too cute! im glad that they made it home safely take care!

Anonymous said...

I must say Philip is quite the daddy. He is so good with Keenan and never lost his patience one time even amidst the very morose surroundings and having to deal with the loss of our cousin. They were both troopers, but I have to give props to Phil! It is so awesome to see my brother as such a sweet Daddy. Taking after our awesome Daddy of have a great role model, Phil! Loved spending time with you in this new phase of our parents! Felt like old times...when it was just the two of us. Love you and appreciate you so much, Jessica

Anonymous said...

I loved the photo of Philip/Keenan and Jessica/Hudson. I thought the same nice it is that they got to spend time together as bros. and sister. You both are awesome parents. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I think this array of pictures has got to be one of my favourites!