Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Graduation!!

Today was the third time I've seen Philip graduate since I met him! =)

He has officially moved up a rung from "Intern" status to "Second Year Resident" status!! Woohoo! The second year schedule (from what we hear) will be a little lighter and we will hopefully see a little more of each other.

The graduation was at the Officer's Club on base this morning (at 08:30!) I took Keenan with me since I didn't really have anyone to watch him, and he actually did fairly well and wasn't too disruptive during the ceremony. =)

There's also a banquet at the O Club tonight, that I was planning to take Keenan to, until one of the first year interns offered for he and his wife to watch him (since William will already be there hanging out with their two kids). It will be Much nicer being able to just enjoy the evening with our friends instead of chasing him around! =)

Me, Tiff, Wendi, Jodi and Andrea
(a great excuse for us to dress up a little and get to see our handsome husbands in their blues!)

Keenan (not too sure about this whole thing and wondering where the rest of the wifia kids are...)

Family pic

The 2nd Year Residents! (minus Robin)

The girls again

Cliff and Jodi

Captain Dooley and I

John and Wendi

Matt and Tiffany

Keenan getting into trouble

Looking cute in Philip's hat

Philip's certificate


Anonymous said...

You are awesome Joia! Thanks for posting all the pics of everyone. See you tonight!


Anonymous said...

Does Keenan ever look like Phillip in that picture in the stroller!! I can't believe how much he's changed since we saw him in Feb. He looks so grown up, not like a baby anymore!
Congratulations, Phillip!!

Steph said...

Congratulations, Philip!! We're very happy for you (although likely not as happy as You are!!) =) Love you guys!

Denise said...

Congratulations Phil! I'm so proud of you.

Mom W. said...

Congratulations Philip, whew, I am sure both of you are glad to be done this year...? We are all so proud of you. One mile stone passed, on to the the next... Love, Mom W.

Anonymous said...

Keenan looks sooo mature - especially in that one picture. I also liked how all of the pregnant wives were dispersed (every other one):)
Great pics! Congrats Philip :)

Anonymous said...

I am just catching up on the blog so sorry this is late. Congratulations! I hope you guys get to see LOTS more of each other this year! Love you, Jessica