Friday, June 6, 2008

Alone time almost over

While I have had a Wonderful three days of fun and relaxation, I am really looking forward to Philip and Keenan coming home this evening!

Our book club last night was awesome! We went to Sushi Siam in Destin and had a great evening of good food, good chats, and Lots of laughing! =) The time flew, and it was 10:30 before we knew it! (We were the last people in the whole place!)

Me, Tiffany, Sarah and Jodi in front of the fountain at Destin Commons
(Andrea and Wendi both had guests in town)

My delicious chicken cashew stir fry!

Tiff's sushi - I think it's so pretty!

Here's me trying sushi for the first time ever!
I'm not really into raw meat, so I had a couple of Sarah's with cooked crab meat, it was delicious!

After dinner, Jodi and I came back here and watched a movie. When it finished, it was 1:00! I said to her, "Wow! 1:00, I don't think I've been up this late since New Year's Eve!" We then moved into the family room... and talked until 3:00! A new record for me in a looong time. I only slept until about 8:30 this morning, and it's definitely catching up with me now! =)

This morning we just hung out and chatted, and then went and had a late (yummy) breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading to the beach again. We spent several hours there, and then grabbed some lunch at a fun little "on the water" casual restaurant called Dewey Destin's. We split a meal, and I had (and totally enjoyed) fried oysters for the first time.

I'm heading out shortly to go over to John and Wendi's for a BBQ their having, and then I'll be off to the airport to bring home my boys! Woohoo!

These three days have been amazing for me... I definitely have missed Philip and Keenan, but haven't been nearly as sad as I had expected, and the time to myself has been very refreshing and I totally feel rejuvenated after my mini vacation.

Here's a cute email that Keenan sent me from Michigan this morning...

Hi Momma,

I love you so much. It was really nice to talk to you
on the phone this morning. Daddy is okay, but he's
not you.

I'm looking forward to another plane trip because I get
more of that sweet purple juice, yummmmmm. I hope you
missed me to because I'm going to be so excited to see
you again soon. I know I can be pretty busy and don't
do what I'm told all the time, but I'm trying to learn
and will always try to bring smiles to your face many
more times during the day than frowns.

Well, the Red Wings parade is going to start soon and
Daddy says I need to get the rest of my things packed
before I can start watching it. And I need to make sure
he has enough yummy food packed for my bottomless pit
of a stomach during our travels today.

Love you Mum, Daddy says he loves you too.

Your loving son,

Keenan "Who's your baby" D.
Professional Eater, First Class
United States Air Force, Super Cute Son Corps
The Emerald Coast, Florida, United States

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Anonymous said...

I am playing catch up again (was doing really well there for awhile reading every day, but then Erik got sick and took over the room for DAYS)....I absolutely loved the letter from "Keenan". The funniest part was the signature block! Thanks for marrying my son and being such a great mom to my grandson. Sooo glad you got to rest and took time for yourself. You certainly deserve it.
Love, Mom E.